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Behind Scenes Report: 

Week Of May 7-13 

i Sri* 

Nelson* — 
And Sons 

Europe’s first television network 
will include stations in eight different 
countries. Microwave relays in Brit¬ 
ain and on the Continent soon will 
make it possible for the same pro¬ 
gram to be seen simultaneously in 
the United Kingdom, France, Italy, 
West Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, 
Holland and Denmark. 

Each country will originate at least 
one program for the network during 
the first months of its operation. 
While the United States cannot join 
this live broadcast network at the 
outset, we certainly could provide 
film to be telecast over its facilities. 

Our Voice of America for some 
time has made available to individual 
European stations such information 
shows as Industry on Parade and This 
Land of Ours. Each film is accom¬ 
panied by a script in the language of 
the foreign announcer. Soon three 
more programs will be offered— The 
Voice of Firestone, The World Through 
Stamps and The Magic of the Atom, 
which describes peacetime uses of 
atomic energy. 

Commercial telecasters and film 
producers also are sending to indi¬ 
vidual stations such items as Ed 
Murrow’s Person to Person, Hopalong 
Cassidy, Dragnet and Amos V Andy. 

We believe that with the establish¬ 
ment of a network in Europe, we have 
an unusual opportunity to show Euro¬ 
peans a roundup of the best of our 
TV fare, not to propagandize them, 
but to help them understand us by 
understanding the things we like. It 
should not be too difficult for us to 
have an hour or two set aside for an 
American show. 

Any arrangement made should in¬ 
clude provision for film of European 
network shows to be telecast here. 
Understanding works both ways. 


Vol. 2, No. 19 
May 7, 1954 

Week of May 7-13 

Opens Opposite Page 12 


New York _ 3 

Hollywood _ 4 


The President On Television . 5 

Stand-Ins For Sit-Down Artists ._. 8 

TV Mother's Days .10 

No Place Like 'Home' .22 


Martin Kane Is Able _ 15 


History's Biggest Canvas _18 


Annie Oakley . 13 

I Led Three Lives _,...14 



Chocolate Beer Cake . 20 


Red Smith Reports .21 


Fine Tuning .;.14 

Walter H. Annenberg, Editor 
Merrill Panitt, Managing Editor 
Michael J, O'Neill, Advertising Director 
James T. Quirk, Publisher 

TV GUIDE is published weekly by Triangle Publications, Inc., 
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ican Countries 1 year $7.00, 2 years $12.00, 3 years $17.00; 
In other Foreign Countries 1 year $8.00, 2 years $14.00, 3 
years $20.00. Copyright 1954 by Triangle Publications, Inc. 

TV Teletype* 

NEW YORK Bob Stahl reports: 

New Lassie telefilm series takes over the Sunday-night-at-7:00 
period on CBS starting next fall. What happens to Life with 
Father, currently occupying that time, hasn't been decided . . . 
It's definite now that STEVE ALLEN's new Tonight program, designed 
as a counterpart of DAVE GARROWAY's early-bird Today. starts in 
the fall from 11:30 P.M. to 1 A.M. five nights weekly. 

* * * 

After weeks of contract hassels with her sponsor, 

LORETTA YOUNG has been renewed for next season with her 
Letter to Loretta show . . . RED BUTTONS' future status, 
meanwhile, looks shaky. Despite a steady stream of new 
writers and a new format, RED's rating has been steadily 
dropping. As a result, his show may be canceled. 

NBC's newest affiliate station is YVKS-TV, in Caracas, Vene¬ 
zuela. The station will receive NBC kinescopes and telefilm 
shows . . . Special half-hour Civil Defense show will be telecast 
on ABC June 12 as a prelude to the first Nation-wide civil defense 
test June 14 . . . Ca v alca de of Sports expected to use sports films 
as summer replacement for its Friday night fights. 

JIMMY POWERS signed to narrate a new 15-minute telefilm 
series, The Big Playb ack . . . The new variety program 
from Atlantic City's Steel Pier on ABC goes Sunday nights, 
starting either June 6 or 13. PAUL WHITEMAN will be 

* * *. 

WALTER GREAZA, the Chief of T-Me n in Acti on, has reconsidered 
and will move to Hollywood to continue on the show when it 
switches to film next fall . . . AUDREY MEADOWS and RUSSELL NYPE 
signed as two of the panelists for a new quiz show, Wha t *s in a 
W ord, scheduled to debut on CBS in June. CLIFTON FADIMAN is mod¬ 
erator and PETER ARNELL will produce. 

HENRY SALOMON, JR., who produced Victory at Sea, working 
on four new documentaries for NBC. One, dealing with the 
A-bomb and H-bomb, will be titled "Fusion and Fission" 

. . . New Monday night boxing series from Brooklyn's 
Eastern Parkway starts May 17 on ABC. The show was formerly 
telecast on Du Mont. 

* * * 

Texaco, MILTON BERLE's ex-sponsor, returns in the fall with a 
new, half-hour version of Co medy Hour, complete with rotating 
stars and name guests . . . Planning far ahead, Studio One has 
scheduled for next Oct. 18 an original play entitled "The Boy 
Who Changed the World," depicting THOMAS A. EDISON's early years. 
It's to honor the 75th anniversary of the incandescent lamp. 
*Trade-mark, Teletype Corp. 3 

HOLLYWOOD Don Jenkins reports: 

Apparently topping SID CAESAR in the dubious race over the 
most expensive show, BOB HOPE'S little ventures before the TV 
cameras next season reportedly will cost in the neighborhood 
of $100,000 apiece, not including network time charges of around 
$60,000. But he'll do only six shows, thus keeping his total tab 
just under $1,000,000 . . . But that's really nothing. NBC's 
upcoming monthly "spectaculars" probably will cost $250,000 
each, what with color and a 90-minute format. 

* * * 

Don't laugh at the piano player. LIBERACE's show is 
now seen in no less than 188 cities every week . . . MIL- 
TON BERLE will do his last three shows of the season from 
here. He'll also appear as a guest on EDDIE CANTOR'S 
last Comedy Hour May 16. And there's even a rumor that 
BERLE will turn to film next season . . . CBS is preparing 
a new live show, Hale The Colonel. with PAUL DOUGLAS. 

* * * 

PHILLIP B0NNELL, 10-year-old son of GALE STORM, makes his act¬ 
ing debut in an upcoming My Little Margie episode . . . NBC and 
ALAN YOUNG have finally gotten together on a series idea, That's 
Life, to be filmed here . . . The network has also decided to use the 
current radio Gildersleeve, WILLARD WATERMAN, in the filmed 
TV version of the show ... It's SHELLEY WINTERS for the 
next JIMMY DURANTE show on the Comedy Hour, 

LUCY and DESI are vacationing for five weeks in Palm 
Springs, but Desilu is still busy. BILL ASHER, director 
of I Love Lucy. is turning out a pilot film based on a 
woman attorney and starring JUNE HAVOC. 

* * * 

LOIS COLLIER, of the Boston Blackie series, makes an appear¬ 
ance soon on one of the DENNIS DAY shows . . . ABC has put 26 
kinescopes of its old Tales of Tomorrow show into syndication, 
first time such a thing has been done since the original Ruggles 
show slipped by on a kinescope basis . . . Hallmark's H all of Fame 
will be hour-long every fourth Sunday, half-hour other weeks. 

* * * 

Motorola is dropping its hour-long Tuesday night dra¬ 
matic show on ABC as of May 18--too expensive. The net¬ 
work, however, will continue the show, either on its own 
or with a new sponsor . . . The MICKEY ROONEY show, Hey, 
Mulligan, starts on NBC July 17--and should be a top- 
rated entry by the time September rolls around. 

* * * 

FORREST TUCKER will make a film series, Phantom Knight . . . 
Big Town is being revamped for next season, with reporter Steve 
Wilson moving to Managing Editor of "The Illustrated Press" and 
a format based on the newspaper itself rather than on Wilson. PAT 
McVEY is leaving. BEVERLY TYLER, the current Lorelei, is one of 
those being considered for the "Girl Friday" role. 


The President on Television 

Four Networks Cooperate on 
Mr. Eisenhower’s Telecasts 

T HE ANNOUNCER makes his in¬ 
troduction, then says: “Ladies 
and gentlemen, the President of the 
United States.” 

On television screens in millions of 
American homes, there appears a re¬ 
laxed Dwight Eisenhower, seated at 
his desk. He smiles, nods, and com¬ 
mences to speak. 

It seems so simple and informal. 
Yet back of it are days of planning, 
arranging and rehearsing. 

Here are the things that must hap¬ 

pen before the President’s friendly 
warmth comes into your living room. 

Among the news correspondents 
who regularly cover the White House 
is a man for each of the four na¬ 
tional television networks. They re¬ 
port the news and also act as liaison 
between the President and their home 
offices. On a rotating basis, each serves 
as “television pool chairman” for 
three months of the year. 

When the President decides to talk 
to the people, White House Press Sec- 

retary James Hagerty contacts the 
pool chairman to tell him the date 
and hour. The pool chairman notifies 
his three colleagues, who advise their 
offices immediately. 

The New York headquarters of the 
networks must clear the time. On the 
average, it costs them an aggregate of 
$125,000 to $150,000 each time the 
President of the United States ad¬ 
dresses the American people on tele¬ 
vision. If he should talk overtime, it 
would cost many more thousands in 
cancelled programs. 

NBC, CBS and ABC alternate in 
originating White House programs, 
with the originating web “feeding” all 
the others. 

Three or four days before the tele¬ 
cast, technical experts meet at the 
White House with Hagerty and sev¬ 
eral other members of the President’s 
staff to complete plans. 

Time For Decision 

They decide whether the show will 
originate in the President’s office or 
in the White House TV room; wheth¬ 
er the President should remain seated 
throughout or should walk to a chart 
or map to emphasize a point; whether 
he will read from a typed script, from 
large hand-lettered cue cards, or use 
a Teleprompter. This last is a me¬ 
chanical gadget which flashes the 
manuscript—a line at a time—upon 
a glass screen placed just below the 
line of vision of the cameras. 

Last December a new figure began 
to appear at these pre-telecast con¬ 
ferences: Robert Montgomery, former 
Hollywood star, now an NBC televi¬ 
sion producer and actor in his own 
show. Montgomery, an early Ike-for- 
President man, and a friend of 
Hagerty, was invited to help with the 
Christmas Eve tree-lighting telecast. 
He did so well that he has been an 
informal part of the White House 
staff ever since. 

Because of his Hollywood back¬ 
ground and his use of precision tech¬ 

niques of professional television, 
Montgomery was resented for a while 
as a usurper. These days, however, 
he is welcomed. As one network rep¬ 
resentative expressed it: “This is the 
first time since we began televising 
at the White House, with President 
Truman, that we are perfectly con¬ 

wide World Photo 

fident nothing will be snafued.” 

Montgomery gives this appraisal of 
his job: “The primary objective of my 
function, as I understand it, is not in 
any way to direct the President, not 
to make him give a performance. It 
is to make the President as comfort¬ 
able as possible, so he can succeed in 
displaying his own personality, his 
own attitudes and his own move¬ 
ments, whatever he does or says. The 


President is most effective when no 
technical gimmick stands in his way 
of expressing himself.” 

On the morning of a program, a 
crew moves three cameras into the 
room selected. Lights are placed and 
mikes are checked, with a stand-in 
substituting for the President. 

Here's how: The President shows Robert 
Montgomery a gesture he'll use on TV. 

During these preliminaries, Robert 
Montgomery is on hand, observing 
and making suggestions. 

On the afternoon before the tele¬ 
cast, the President generally goes 
through a complete rehearsal for the 
benefit of the networks. These re¬ 
hearsals are under bright lights so 

that newsreel cameras may pick up 
highlights of the speech early, for 
speed in distribution. 

On the night of a TV message to 
the Nation, the President wears a 
blue or gray shirt to eliminate glare. 
In the past, there has been a make-up 
man on hand. However, it has been 
decided that he photographs best with 
only a dab of powder to eliminate 
the shine on his bald head. 

The number of people directly or 
indirectly involved in a White House 
telecast add up to a miniature sta¬ 
tion staff. The originating network 
will have on hand a network director, 
a television director, an audio engi¬ 
neer to control the microphone pick¬ 
up, a second audio man to feed the 
sound to the nets, a video engineer, 
an associate director to “cue” the 
President, three cameramen, a light¬ 
ing expert and a TV announcer. 

And Still More 

On hand also are two Teleprompter 
technicians (when that device is 
used), plus announcers for the other 
networks. They introduce the Presi¬ 
dent to their respective audiences. 
Add to this, still and newsreel pho¬ 
tographers covering the speech for 
the press and movie houses. 

Also standing by will be Robert 
Montgomery, Jim Hagerty, and others 
whom the President may invite be¬ 
cause they worked with him in pre¬ 
paring the speech. 

Things are always tense for the 
television crews. "When the program 
is over, they heave a sigh of relief. 
Only a man in the business knows 
how many things might go wrong. 

What does Mrs. Eisenhower do 
while the President is talking to the 
people? Like any good wife, she is 
keeping a watchful and anxious eye 
on one of the several television re¬ 
ceivers in the White House. And, like 
any other wife, she is said to be her 
husband’s severest critic. 

—Florence S. Lowe 


TV* < ^it J DouJits Anhj&& 

< - 

Panelist and stand- 
in: Bill Cullen gives 
Roger Peterson's 
style the once-over. 

W E’VE ALWAYS been told that 
TV panelists have the easiest job 
in television. But there’s one that’s 
even easier. It’s “standing-in” for the 
panel-sitters on shows like I’ve Got a 
Secret. Stand-ins sub through every 
show prior to air time while the em¬ 
cee warms up his moderating talents 
and camera and lighting crews test 
their equipment. 

But don’t rush to the nearest TV 
casting office. To hold such a job, you 
must be a registered member of the 
TV actors’ union, and the pay is only 
$5 an hour. Besides, hundreds of un¬ 
employed TV actors vie for the few 
stand-in jobs available — on such 

Goodson-Todman shows as Secret, 
Judge for Yourself, Two for the 
Money and Beat the Clock. 

The Secret stand-ins are Roger 
Peterson (for Bill Cullen), Jane Lin¬ 
den (Jayne Meadows), Bob Kamlot 
(Henry Morgan) and Esther Benson 
(for Polly Bergen), Why do they come 
to the studio on a Wednesday night 
for an hour’s work at such low pay, 
when they know they’ll never be seen 
by the viewing audience? They’re all 
aspiring young TV actors and the Se¬ 
cret rehearsal gives them a chance to 
meet producers and directors, some¬ 
thing most would-be actors can’t do 
however often they “make the rounds.” 


Several stand-ins have obtained TV 
acting jobs because directors of panel 
shows, graduating to other programs, 
remembered them. 

The work also provides valuable 
experience before the TV cameras. 
The hour-long stint teaches novices to 
be at ease before the probing lenses. 

Why do the producers of Secret feel 
they need a stand-in panel? They 
claim the rehearsal gives Garry Moore 
a preview of the line of questioning 
the regular panel is apt to follow. 

A more valid reason: the stand-in 
rehearsal alerts Garry to questions 
that might sound risque or too dull. 
Also, if the stand-ins guess a secret 
too quickly, the producers can sub¬ 
stitute a more challenging problem. 

The run-through also gives Garry 
a chance to get his facts straight. On 
a recent show, George Jessel was the 
surprise guest. His secret: in 1911 he 
used to bathe Eddie Cantor. During 
the trial run, a stand-in asked if Can¬ 
tor and Jessel were in show business 
at the time. Garry answered no. He 
was immediately corrected by a pro¬ 
duction assistant: the two were then 
trouping together as kid actors. 

The guest-contestants themselves 

do not rehearse. Their role is assumed 
by announcer John Cannon or a mem¬ 
ber of the production staff. The run- 
throughs usually last from 7:30 to 8:30 
on Wednesday nights, before the stu¬ 
dio audience files into the theater. 
There is nothing to prevent Cullen 
and Morgan, or the Misses Bergen 
and Meadows, from sneaking in ahead 
of time to watch the rehearsal and so 
learn each contestant’s secret in ad¬ 
vance. But they don’t. 

The idea of stand-in panelists was 
originated by CBS, which formerly 
employed them on all panel programs. 
The network later decided there was 
no need for run-throughs on such 
shows as What’s My Line? Even so, 
Peterson and Miss Linden now have 
stand-in jobs on three or more shows 
per week. 

On Beat the Clock, they test all the 
stunts emcee Bud Collyer has in store 
for the studio contestants. On Two for 
the Money, as make-believe contest¬ 
ants, they answer Herb Shriner’s quiz- 
zers while the clock ticks away. 

Peterson claims he has answered 
fast enough on a Shriner rehearsal 
to win up to $3,000. But, as a stand- 
in, his take-home pay was $5. 

Garry Moore quizzes pre-air-time panel: Peterson (who subs for Cullen), Jane Linden 
(Jayne Meadows), Bob Kamlot (Henry Morgan), Esther Benson (Polly Bergen). 

Peggy Wood 

June Erwin 

Fay Wray 

Gertrude Berg 

S CRATCH the surface of almost 
any TV situation comedy show 
these days and you’ll find a non-TV 
family, complete with mother, father 
and kids. And no wonder. Almost 
every TV mother is a mother in real 
life and many situations on her show 
duplicate real-life experiences. (Ex¬ 
ception: the madcap shenanigans of 
Lucille Ball.) Most TV mothers can 
celebrate Mother’s Day in duplicate. 

While Lucy is a real-life mother, 
too—little Desiderio Alberto Arnaz 
IV is probably the most famous baby 
since England’s Bonnie Prince Charlie 
—the zany character she portrays on 
TV is only remotely linked to her 
off-screen activities, fortunately for 
her actual children. 

The closest parallel between TV 


and real life is experienced by Har¬ 
riet Nelson. That’s because her two 
sons, David, 17, and Ricky, 13, play 
themselves in The Adventures of Oz- 
zie and Harriet, and her husband, 
Ozzie, is also her TV husband. Since, 
moreover, the TV show often is based 
on events that actually took place 
within the family, Harriet never feels 
she’s acting a part. 

Ozzie himself shares in the TV 
writing, checking with Harriet and 
the boys to make certain the dialogue 
sounds the way it does at home. The 
TV studio is furnished almost exactly 
like the Nelsons’ home. According to 
Harriet, the chief difference between 
her TV and her real life is the fact 
that Ozzie, as director of the show,, 
can boss her and the boys around on' 

the set, while at home she is more 
often the boss. “Except,” as Ozzie 
says, “Harriet is a softy and leaves 
the discipline up to me.” 

One of the best-known TV mothers 
is Peggy Wood. As the mama of 
Mama, she has become to most view¬ 
ers almost the epitome of TV mother¬ 
hood. Guesting on The Garry Moore 
Show recently, she invited questions 
from the studio audience. Most of 
them revolved about problems of rais¬ 
ing a family. While it would be de¬ 
cidedly ungallant to reveal the age 
of any TV mother so near Mother’s 

Jean Hagen, real mother of two, with 
TV children Rusty Hamer, Sherry Jackson. 

Day, it’s no secret that Miss Wood is 
qualified by her real-life status to 
star in a show tagged Grandmama. 

Another TV mother who’s really a 
grandmother is Gertrude Berg, the 
Tremont Avenue matriarch of The 
Goldbergs. The mother of two teen¬ 
agers on TV, Mrs. Berg actually has 
two grown children. One of them, son 
Cherney, is producer of her TV show. 
* It might also be tactless to pin¬ 
point the youngest TV mother. But 


a candidate, certainly, is Florence 
Halop, of *Meet Millie. Although, with 
the help of a good make-up job, she 
plays the mother of beauteous Elena 
Verdugo, Miss Halop is only 29. 

As Danny Thomas’ wife in Make 
Room for Daddy, Jean Hagen mothers 
two of the most precocious kids on 
TV, Sherry Jackson and Rusty Ham¬ 
er. In real life, Jean is married to 
Tom Seidel, a talent agent, and is 
also the mother of two—Patricia Chris¬ 
tine, who’ll be four in August, and 
Aric Philip, two. Because her TV 
children are older, they’re furnishing 
Jean with ideas on how to cope with 

Parental problem: William Bendix, Mar¬ 
jorie Reynolds with TV daughter's beau. 

problems coming up in the future. 

Neither of her children has ever 
watched Jean perform on TV. She 
says she doesn’t want them to. be¬ 
come confused about another hus¬ 
band and children for their Mommy. 

Fay Wray, mother of the Morrisons 
in TV’s Pride of the Family, has three 
children—Susan, 17, Bobby, 10, and 
Vicki, 8. On TV, she and Paul Hart¬ 
man, who plays Albie Morrison, have 
only two, Natalie Wood and Bobby 
Hyatt. Since they’re about the same 
age as her real children. Fay oc¬ 
casionally encounters the same situa¬ 

tions with both families. On TV, Al¬ 
bie recently tried, unsuccessfully, to 
persuade the kids to cut down on 
their TV-viewing. In her own home, 
Fay complains that her kids take 
their dinner plates to the TV set and 
stay there the rest of the evening. 

Fay’s children watch her show, but 
they have never criticized nor praised 
her acting. Instead, they voice opin¬ 
ions only on the show as a whole. 

“I can’t imagine my TV offspring 
failing to express an opinion on any 
actions of their parents,” says Fay. 
Her TV daughter is an always-on- 
the-go teen-ager. Her real teen-age 
daughter, Susan, is quite different— 
a serious-minded high school senior 
interested in classical music and 

Marjorie Reynolds, the wife of 
Riley in The Life of. Riley, is the 
mother of a seven-year-old daughter, 
Linda. In Riley, she and William Ben¬ 
dix are parents of teen-agers Lugene 
Sanders and Wesley Morgan. 

Puppy-Love, Powder ’N’ Paint 

Before Lugene was married, she 
confided in Marjorie on the set, ask¬ 
ing advice about dates, make-up, etc. 
Marjorie, who had realized her TV 
reactions would be subject to criti¬ 
cism from the millions of' real-life 
mothers who watch the show, had 
made a study of teen-age problems 
and so was prepared to offer Lugehe 
common-sense advice. Some day her 
own daughter, Linda, will also profit 
from this extracurricular research. 

Lurene Tuttle, mother of the four 
red-headed Day boys in Life with 
Father, is the mother of an actress 
linked with another Day on TV— 
Barbara Ruick, who appears on The 
Dennis Day Show as Dennis’ lambie 
pie. Mother and daughter recently 
played roles in the same movie. 

June Erwin, mother of two in TV’s 
Stu Erwin Show, in real life has the 
same husband but two different chil¬ 
dren—Stu, Jr., 21, and Judy, 18. 


Chicago Dateline 

TV's Week: Good news for Animal 
Playtime fans: WBKB announced this 
week that Uncle Win Stracke will bring 
his animal playmates to Channel 7, 
effective May 17. The name will be 
changed, but the show will follow its 
former pattern. Looks like public opin¬ 
ion paid off again. 

A new 100 percent boost in power of 
WBKB, announced 
( this week, will 
make Channel 7 the 
I strongest in the city, 
according to their 
engineers. Deadline 
date for the increase 
(from 100 to 200 
kilowatts) is May 
20, but it may come 
as early as May 9. It all depends on the 
weather which will determine how soon 
the new transmitting antenna can_be 

WBBM-TV’s Farmtown U.S.A. passed 
its second milestone May 2 with capable 
George Menard still at the helm. George, 
incidentally, enjoyed some national fame 
recently through his piped-in appear- 
l ances on CBS’ Morning Show. 

Remember WBKB’s Trade-Inn of a 

few years back? A show similar to it, 
titled S.H.E. (Serve, Help and Enter¬ 
tain) , debuted on Channel 7 last Satur¬ 
day, featuring non-pro Pat Banks as 
hostess. A sort of classified column of 
the air, S.H.E. moved into the 3 to 3:45 
PM, May 2), some changes were made. 
Duggan into the 6 PM period. 

Before Fabulous You even got off the 
ground on WBBM-TV Sunday (10:45 
PM, May 2), some changes were made. 
Maggie Daly was replaced by makeup 
expert Syd Simons and Jacqueline Mac- 
Kenzie (costuming and clothes author¬ 
ity). A hair stylist is yet to be named. 
Week’s Highlights: For the first time 
in its TV history, Faith of Our Fathers 
will feature a Catholic series on its 
WGN-TV show (7:30 PM Sundays). The 
three-week series will describe and in¬ 
terpret the Mass. It starts this week. 
Advance Tips on Shows: Producer Ben 
Park and writer Bill Barrett (the Haw¬ 
kins Falls combo) are prepping a new 
soap opera, Member of The Press, to 
originate from Chicago on the NBC net¬ 
work by mid-June. Story line will con¬ 
cern adventures of a small town girl 
reporter in the big city. 

channels listed in program section 



0 WBBM-TV (CBS) 410 N. Michigan Ave. 0 WBKB (ABC) 20 N. Wacker Dr. 

0 WNBQ (NBC) M«rchandi>« Mart Q WGN-TV (DuMont) 441 N. Michigan Ava. 

MILWAUKEE, WIS. — 0 WTMJ-TV (NBC) 720 E. Capitol Dr. 

General and Editorial Offices: 731 South Plymouth Court, Chicago 5, Illinois 
Advertising Offices: 6 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago 2, Illinois • All Phones: Wabash 2-0366 


special events staff- 

DACK in the days of cutthroat news- 
u paper tactics, the “extra” was a 
sure-fire circulation booster. When TV 
arrived, the printed extra gave way to a 
video version—the special events de¬ 
partment of a station. 

One such staff came through in such 
commendable fashion last spring that it 
made possible the station’s winning TV 
GUIDE’S award for outstanding cover¬ 
age of a special event. The event was 
the attempted suicide from Tribune 
Towers. The station was WBBM-TV, 
Chicago’s baby among video outlets. 
But its well-organized crew was no 
infant in the field of news gathering. 

Boasting one of the largest local news 
staffs in the country (27 people), 
WBBM-TV was ready for action the 
day of the news break. “Its readiness 
can be attributed to flexibility of per¬ 
sonnel, plus the news editor’s privilege 

to cut into any program,” claims news¬ 
room manager Bill Garry. After the 
young woman was spotted, it was 
only a matter of clearing time through 
the program director. (That morning, 
WBBM-TV had the audacity to cut off 
Godfrey and Strike It Rich in favor of 
the televised suicide attempt.) Says 
Bill: “No one ever questions a news 
editor’s authority to interrupt a show, 
but the special event had better be 
pretty darn important after it’s on!” 

WBBM-TV’s studio position was prob¬ 
ably one of the most decisive factors in 
televising the harrowing episode. From 
its location atop the 190 N. State Street 
building, cameras could be trained al¬ 
most directly on the Tribune Towers 
point where the young woman was 

Standby announcer Ray Rayner was 
on duty. And even the cameramen 

Hal Fisher (left), one of WBBM-TV's seven 
news editors, checks a day's filming with 
telecine operator Jim Stiner. 

A final step: Film editor Herb Chung clips 
the rough product for a concise presenta¬ 
tion on Channel 2. 

M A Y 7 

0 Dr. Preston Bradley—Talks 
12:55 0 News—Ulmer Turner 
O News—Steve Fentress 
1:00 0 Double Or Nothing—Quiz 

Bert Parks emcees quiz game. 

[4] Bob Heiss—Interviews 
© Francois Pope—Recipes 

Crabmeat salad a la reefer; lima beans 
and spinach Continental. 

0 Ruth Crowley—Baby Care 
0 MOVIE—“Voodoo Man" 

A mad doctor is trying to restore life to 
his wife by kidnapping young girls to 
serve as victims of his voodoo. Bela Lu¬ 
gosi and John Carradine. 

1:15 0 The Doctor Answers 

Elizabeth Hart conducts discussion with 
Dr. W. W. Bauer or Dr. William Bolton. 

1:30 0 Linkletter's Houseparty 

Art greets Elkin Floyd, chief pilot of 
American Airlines, and his eight adopted 

0 Swingalong—Musical 

Music by Kenny Bowers. 

1:55 0 Weather-Bill Carlsen 
2:00 0 Big Payoff—Quiz Game 

Bob Kennedy and Fran Keegan. 

© 0 Kate Smith—Variety 

(1) Singer Jeff Clark. (2) Dorothy Day 
emcees a fashion show. (3 & 4) Three 
college editors and a foreign exchange 
student discuss current events with Ted 

0 Claude Kirchner Show 
0 Paul Dixon Show—Music 

Musical pantomime with Wanda Lewis. 

2:30 0 Bob Crosby—Musical 

. Tunes: "Cross Over the Bridge," "Melan¬ 
choly Me," "It's You I Love," "Boogie 
Woogie Maxixe." Bob and his little 
daughter Junie Mellea; "Little Miss Tippy 
Toes," a song written especially for Junie. 

0 Stuart Brent—Discussion 
2:45 0 News—Austin Kipiinger 
3:00 0 Woman With A Past—Serial 

Jerry surprises his mother by his un¬ 
usual behavior, and Steve arrives at 
Dover Point to confront Lynn. 

© 0 Welcome Travelers 
Interviews with Tommy Bartlett. (Guests 
invited. Write Guest Relations, WNBQ.) 

0 Jerry Lester Show—Variety 
0 MOVIE—“Cinderella Swings 

It"— A star is discovered when a Broad¬ 
way producer sees a U.S.O. show. Guy 
Kibbee, Gloria Warren, and Dick Hogan. 

3:15 0 Secret Storm—Serial 

Jane denies a romantic interest in Peter. 

3:30 0 Petticoat Party—Games 

Frazier Thomas emcees the run. (Guests 
invited. Write Petticoat Party, WBBM-TV.) 

© 0 On Your Account 

Win Elliot interviews special guests. 

3:45 0 Movie Quick Quiz—Game 

Dick "Two Ton" Baker is emcee. 

3:55 0 News—Ulmer Turner 
4:00 0 Shopping With Miss Lee 

Lee Phillip with shopping tips. 

0 Beulah Donohue—Women 
© Pinky Lee—Variety 
0 Home Theater—Film Drama 

"The Old Man." An old man goes to fan¬ 
tastic lengths to regain his place in the 
sun. Linda Johnson, Houseley Stevenson. 

0 MOVIE—“Man's Country" 

A Ranger helps crack a gang headed by 
the brother of a rancher. Jack Randall 
and Marjorie Reynolds. 

4:20 0 MOVIE-''Red River Rene¬ 
gades"— Sunset Carson, Peggy Stewart, 
and Bruce Langley. 

4:30 © 0 Howdy Doody—Puppets 
0 Garfield Goose and Friend 

"King" Garfield and Frazier Thomas. 

4:55 0 News—Les Nichols 
5:00 0 Super Circus—3 Ring Thrills 
© Elmer The Elephant—Kids 

John Conrad entertains children. 

0 Jolly Seven Gang—Kids 

Fun for the children with Joe Kelly. 

0 Bob Atcher Show—Kids 
5:30 0 Gene Autry Time—Film 
0 Foreman Tom—Western 
© Close-Up—Musical 

Howard Miller, June Valli, and the Art 
Van Damme Quintet. 

0 Tom Duggan—Sports 



All times are Chicago Daylight Saving Time 

G News—Leslie Monypenny 
5:45 O Bob and Ray Satires 

Bob Eiliot and Ray Goulding. 

Q Curbstone Cut Up—Chat* 

Interviews conducted by Ernie Simon. 


6:00 G Sports—Bob Elson 

GO Hot Shot Revue—Musical 
0 Weather—Clint Youle 
G News—Austin Kiplinger 
G Captain Video—Adventures 

Capt. Video crash-lands in the jungles 
of planet Odin. 

6:05 0 News—Jack Angell 
G Sports—Jack Drees 
6:10 0 Sports—Joe Wilson 

G Weather—Wayne Griffin 
6:15 0 News—Julian Bentley 
0 News—Paul Skinner 
© Dorsey Connors—Travel 
Guest: Paul Sheel, Danish Consul Gen¬ 
eral in Chicago. 

G News—John Daly 
G Marge And Jeff—Comedy 

Marge takes a food poll for a grocery 
chain. Marge Greene and Jeff Cain. 

6:20 © Alex Dreier—Features 

"Man on the Go," with news. 

6:25 0 Weather—Bill Carlsen 
© Tony Weitzel—Comments 
6:30 © News—Douglas Edwards 
0 Sports—Lloyd Pettit 
© Eddie Fisher—Musical 

Eddie's guests are Fred Waring and his 

G Stu Erwin—Comedy Drama 

Joyce enters a school beauty contest, and 
the household enters pandemonium. June 
Collyer is Mrs. Erwin, Ann Todd is Joyce. 
(How many children does June Erwin 
have in real-life? See Page 12.) 

G News—Spencer Allen 
6:45 0 Perry Como—Musical 

Tunes: "They Say It's Wonderful," "Man 
With a Banjo," "I Get So Lonely," and 

© 0 News—John C. Swayze 

M A Y 7 

. In Standard Time areas, subtract one hour, 

G Chicagoiand Newsreel 
7:00 0 MAMA—Domestic Comedy 

"Papa's Guilty Secret." Mama does not 
know that Papa has co-signed a bank 
note for a friend. A summons arrives de¬ 
manding that Papa make good his signa¬ 
ture. Papa is played by Judson Loire. 
Mama is Peggy Wood. (Did you know 
that Peggy Wood is a grandmother? See 
Page 11.) 


I COLOR I Dave's guests for this color 
telecast are Paul Winchell & Jerry Ma¬ 
honey. Jill Corey appears in a 19th cen¬ 
tury railroad setting to sing "My Cutie's 
Due at 2 to 2 Today." Ken Spaulding & 
Diane Sinclair dance to "Blue Scare¬ 
crow." Shirley Harmer stands on a pent¬ 
house terrace to sing "I Speak to the 
Stars." In a circus setting, the cast con¬ 
cludes that it's a "Great Day." 


"The Bird's Nest." The rains are due, 
which brings Ozzie a big problem. Shall 
he have the leaky gutter-pipe fixed, or 
let the robin hatch the eggs in the nest 
she's built? Starring the Nelson family, 
Ozzie, Harriet, Rickey, and David. (Har¬ 
riet Nelson never feels she's acting on 
TV. Page 11 tells why.) 

PROGRAM —Chicago area Sanitation 

7:30 0 TOPPER-Comedy 

"A Ghostly Joke" is played on Cosmo 
by the Kerbys when they lead him to 
believe he's won the Irish Sweepstakes. 
He promptly goes and tells off his boss! 
Leo G. Carroll plays the hapless Cosmo 
Topper, and Anne Jeffreys and Robert 
Sterling play the Kerbys. (Film.) 


John Ireland stars in "Prison in the Town." 
The prisoner is a beautiful woman ac¬ 
cused of murder, and a deputy loses his 
job when he defends her against the 
charge. Carolyn Jones, Carleton Young, 
Don Beddoe, Helen Wallace. 


Walt Durbahn finishes the modern desk 
started last week. 

0 PLAYHOUSE-Anita Colby 

"Girl on the Drum." A company investi¬ 
gator attempts to find out why a hap¬ 
pily married man neglects his business 
to visit a Havana nightclub entertainer. 

lonita ..„..Lita Baron 

Guy Whitman .Jack Kelly 

Kenneth Nevil .Carleton Young 

Miss Burton .Geraldine Hall 

©DILEMMA-Social Problems 

Paul Harvey moderates. Panel: Dr. Louis 
L. Mann, Rev. Edward A. Kellar, Dr. Ken¬ 
neth Hildebrand, and Dr. Beryl Orris. 
Sponsored by Burton Dixie. 


John Ireland stars in "Prison in the 
Town." The prisoner is a beautiful wom¬ 
an accused of murder, and a deputy 
loses his job when he defends her against 
the charge. (Film.) 


Jim Reagan .John Ireland 

June Sands .Carolyn Jones 

Cal York .Carleton Young 

Steve Palmer .Don Beddoe 

Mrs. Reagan .Helen Wallace 

0 UBERACE—Musical 

A newsman comes to the aid of a Chinese- 
American couple whose infant son is 
barred from this country. Actor James 
Gregory plays reporter Chet Holcombe 
of the Santa Barbara (Cal.) News-Press. 


"Albie's Homework." Albie tries to help 
Junior with his arithmetic, and gets in¬ 
to trouble with both Junior and his 
teacher. (What do Fay Wray's children 
think of her TV children? See Page 12.) 


Jack Barry moderates, with Georgiana 
Carhart and Fred Stein. 

Mata and Hari, TV’s wonderful clown¬ 
ing, dance team head a new show in the 
Empire Room of the Palmer House. 
Shown here in their dance-impressions 
of an orchestra concert, Mata and Hari 
are well-known for their creations of 
satire, comedy and pathos. Co-starred 
is singer Yvonne Adair with Professor 
Backwards and magician Channing Pol¬ 
lock, with the music of Charlie Fisk’s 
orchestra. —Adv. 


dilemma ^ 



sponsored by BURTON DIXIE 

7:30 P.M. WGN-TV CH. 9 



M A Y 7 

AH times ore Chicago Daylight Saving Tir 


Connie, who's been trying to wangle a 
proposal from Mr. Boynton for some 
time, gets one from him, plus another 
from Mr. Conklin! Eve Arden, Robert 
Rockwell, Gale Gordon, Dick Crenno, 
Gloria McMillan. 


"The Gold Band," starring Pat Crowley 
and Don Taylor. A young bride's mind 
is poisoned against her husband and her 
mother-in-law by the gossip of a mali¬ 
cious girl friend. 


Elga Peterson .Pat Crowley 

George Peterson ...Hugh Reilly 


Panelists Richard Kollmar, Horace Sutton, 
Sylvia Lyons, and Peggy McCay try to de¬ 
duce the identities of famous personalties 
by quizzing their secretaries. Walter Kier- 
nan moderates. 


A trip through the Canadian Rockies. 


"Uncle Frank Comes to Town," and prom¬ 
ises niece Irma and Kay a car if he sells 
his latest invention. Marie Wilson. 

© 0 BOXING—New York 
;duardo Lausse of the Argentine, mid¬ 
dleweight, vs. Chico Varona of Cuba, 
welterweight, 10 rounds. Jimmy Powers 
reports from St. Nicholas Arena in 
New York City. 


Rated B W L D KO's 

Lausse Not Rated 55 48 5 2 38 
Varona 7 (welter) 67 54 13 0 33 
This is a meeting of Latin-American 
champions. Varona, the Cuban welter¬ 
weight king, makes his TV debut. Lausse, 
the South American middleweight boss, 
is making his second TV showing. Both 
men have lost only one bout in their 
last 16 starts. Chico's experience should 
offset Lausse's weight advantage in 
what should be a punching duel be¬ 
tween free swingers. 

Compiled by Nat Fleischer (The Ring). 

e. In Standard Time areai, subtract one Hour. 


"The Decoy Story." The daring rescue of 
an American government attache, who 
is wounded as he is being smuggled 
by the Underground of Eastern Europe, 
is the assignment of Steve Mitchell. 
Brian Donlevy. 


Dennis James emcees the talent. 


Host Edward R. Murrow interviews the 
chanteuse Hildegarde, at home in her 
New York apartment; and Yankee 
shortstop Phil Rizzuto, at home with his 
family in Hillside, N. J. 


The D.A. builds up a case of arson and 
homicide against a man whose factory 
has burned down. David Brian. 


That lover of great art. Col. Humphrey 
Flack, impersonates a Far Eastern po¬ 
tentate in order to restore a valuable 
vase to a young art buyer. Alan Mow¬ 
bray as the colonel, with Frank Jenks. 


Jake La Motta vs. Irish Bob Murphy, 
New York, June 27, 1951. 

10:00 0 News—Fahey Flynn 

0 Playhouse 15—Drama 

"The Return." 

© Weather—Clint Youle 
© Courtesy Hour—Variety 

Jim Moran emcees a variety of profes¬ 
sional talent acts. (Guests are invited. 
Write Guest Relations, WBKB, Chicago.) 
Sponsored by Courtesy Motors. 

Q MOVIE—"The Long Night" 

A veteran of World War II goes on a 
killing spree when his girl takes up 
with another man. Henry Fonda, Vin¬ 
cent Price, and Ann Dvorak. 

10:10 © Dorsey Connors—Tips 

"Store your winter garments." 

10:15 0 In Town Tonight—Variety 

Miss Lee Phillip is femcee, and Len Dres- 
slar stars. Merelyn Tate, The King's Jes¬ 
ters, Frank Smith and his orchestra. 


GO News—Paul Skinner 
0 News—Jack Angell 
10:25 0 Sports—Art Mercier 

GO Weather—Bill Carlson 
10:30 0 News—John Harrington 
GO Justice—Drama 

Westbrook Van Voorhis narrates a case 
taken from the National Legal Aid Society. 

0 Sports—Norman Barry 
10:45 0 Irv Kupcinet—Comments 
0 Herbie Mintz—Musical 
11:00 0 Playhouse—Film Drama 
GO Paul Winched—Comedy 
0 Howard Miller—Music 

Gossip, records, and interviews. 

0 Ulmer Turner—News 
11:05 0 Weather 
11:10 0 Your Lucky Star—Chatter 
11:15 0 Tom Duggan—Interviews 

Ann Marsters with Hollywood gossip. 

11:30 0 Late News 

0 MOVIE—"Wonder Boy" 

A boy piano genius, being exploited by 
his avaricious manager, is kidnapped 
by his governess to protect him. Bobby 

O News-Les Nichols 
11:35 0 MOVIE—'The Tiger Woman' 

A cafe singer kills her husband in order 
to receive the insurance money, and love 
another. Adele Mara, Kane Richmond. 

11:45 0 Weather—Carl Greyson 
11:50 © MOVIE—Foster TV Theater 

"Scattergood Meets Broadway." Scatter- 
good goes to New York to help a young 
playwright who was swindled by an 
agency. Guy Kibbee, William Henry, 
and Emma Dunn. Sponsored by Foster TV. 

12:00 0 MOVIE—"Thirteen Lead 

Soldiers"— Bulldog Drummond solves 
three murders with the aid of 13 lead 
soldiers which hold the key to hidden 
treasure. Tom Conway, Maria Palmer. 

1:00 0 News 

1:05 0 MOVIE—"My Son, My Son" 

A famous novelist and his spoiled son 
bring tragedy into the lives of two 
families. Madeleine Carroll, Louis Hay¬ 
ward, and Brian Aherne. 

(For details, see daily program listings.) 
















5 (4) Boxing—New York 
5 Greatest Fights—Film 


9 Baseball—Sox vs Detroit 
2 Racing—Belmont 
7 Greatest Sports Thrills 
7 Phillies Fights—Buffalo, N. Y. 
9 Wrestling—Marigold 


5 Bowling—From Chicago 

9 Baseball—Sox vs Boston 
2 Boxing—Washington, D.C. 
7 Wrestling—Rainbo 
2 Wrestling—Film 


9 Baseball—Sox vs Phila. 

5 Harness Racing—Maywood 
a.m. (4) Wrestling 

A-l 1 

Y rou rf “ nuvisKM y 

Please address all letters to Managing Editor, i/o TV GUIDE, 731 S. Plymouth Court, Chicago 5, 

Ilow're Ya Fixed For Aspirin? 

To me, Jane Froman is one of the 
biggest pains on 
television. She can’t 
sing and she’s awful 
to look at. They 
ought to give her 
time to girls like Jo 
Stafford and Patti 
Page. These girls 
can really sing.— 
Bob Sorensen, Racine, Wis. 

Memo to Mrs. Stamper 

Don’t feel bad about your two month 
old phrase being used on Down You Go 
even though someone else got the credit. 
I had the same thing happen with a 
phrase that I sent in two years ago. I 
still watch the show because I have yet 
to find a more educated and down-to- 
earth group of people than Dr. Evans 
and his gang.— Mrs. Frank Cason, Silver 
Lake, Wis. 

Another Nelson Pin-Up, Please 

I saw the picture of Ricky Nelson and 
would like one of his brother David. 
Please tell me where I could get one.— 
Marietta Zriny, Michigan City, Ind. (You 
can get photos of any or all of the Nel¬ 
sons by writing them at ABC, Holly¬ 
wood 27, Calif. — Ed.) 

Let’s Move Miller 

Can’t something be done to get How- 
ward Miller’s Close-Up on at a later 
time? At 5:30 most people are either 
coming from work or sitting down to 
dinner and, consequently, this show is 
not getting the success it deserves.— 
Mrs. William Jones, Chicago, III. (We 
sxiggest you write NBC, Merchandise 
Mart, Chicago. — Ed.) 

The Educational TV Situation 
What happened to Channel 11? For 
a while that was all we seemed to hear 
about, but suddenly it seemed to fade 
into nothing. Will anything come of it? 
—Joanne Allen, Evanston, III. (Plans 
are moving along as scheduled. How¬ 
ever, they still are seeking contributions 
for operating capital. If you’d care to 
help, send your contribution to Chicago 
Educational Television Assoc., 38 S. 
Dearborn, Chicago, III. — Ed.) 

More on Duffy and Mask 

There was an article in TV GUIDE 
about Duffy’s Tavern and The Mask 
being on television, but no mention of 
day, time or channel. We readers look 
forward to new programs, but it’s diffi¬ 
cult to know just when to view them. 
How about telling us these things?— 
B. Perry, Aurora, III. (Duffy’s Tavern 
is not seen in Chicago. The Mask is on 
WBKB Sundays at 7 PM.—Ed.) 

Twins In Specs Only 

Are Steve Allen, of What’s My Line, 
and George Reeves, 
of Superman, the 
same person or are 
they related? They 
certainly look alike 
to me. —Jill Wun¬ 
derlich, Joliet, III. 
(We’ve noticed the 
resemblance, too. 
They are not related, however. — Ed.) 

The Hastings’ Case 

Is Don Hastings, who plays the Video 
Ranger on Captain Video, any rela¬ 
tion to Bob Hastings, who used to be 
on Atom Squad and is now appear¬ 
ing on Captain Video?—Patti Brabond, 
Evanston, III. (They’re cousins. — Ed.) 




All time* ore Chicago Daylight Saying Time. 


9:00 © MOVIE—"Speed Devils 7, 

The king of the auto-race speedsters helps 
break the grip of political gang. 

10:00 0 Winky Dink And You 

(1) The young artists coop up Jack Barry 
with the chickens. (2) Second and last 
chapter of the western adventure. The 
cattle rustlers are captured. (3) The 
youngsters draw a man who demands that 
Jack identify himself. 

© B Space Patrol—Adventure 

"Prisoners of the Giant." A giant comet, 
with a million miles of tail and diameter 
enters the solar system from outer space. 
Carol is caught in its path. Buzz, Happy, 
and Robbie blast off to the rescue. 

10:30 0 Rocket Rangers—Adventure 

"The Exploding Man." Uranium is dis¬ 
covered on Ganymede. As people rush to 
dig for the ore, the Rocket Rangers dis¬ 
cover attempted looting. 

B Mister Wizard—Science 
0 Peter Pan Treasure Hunt 

Film: "The Unconquered Bandit." Inter¬ 
views with kids in the audience. 

0 Space Cadet—Adventure 

"Death Trap." On a routine training 
flight to Mars, Tom answers a distress 
signal from the depths of space. He finds 
a death trap. Frankie Thomas is Tom. 

11:00 0 Big Top—Circus Fun 

Jack Sterling presents: Aida, novelty aer- 
ialist. Sylvia's Kennelkade. The Novellos, 
ladder-balancers. Jeffrey's trapeze on 
aerial rings. The Ivanoes, horizontal-bar 
act. Les Blue & Yvette, juggling. 

B To Be Announced 
0 Here's Looking At You 

Richard Willis with beauty hints. 

0 F Bar F Ranch 

11:30 B Space Ranger—Adventure 
0 MOVIE—"Ghosts of Berkley 

Square"— A general and a colonel be¬ 
come ghosts in order to prevent an Eng¬ 
lish nobleman from battling the French. 
Robert Morley and Felix Aylmer. 

In Standard Time areas, subtract on# hour. 

0 Film—"The Peacemaker" 
0 Baby Of The Week 
Carmeiita Pope emcees. 

11:45 0 Junior Crossroads—Film 

Movies for the kiddies. 


12:00 0 Lone Ranger—Western 

"Dead Man's Chest." An old prospector 
carries a chest with him constantly. He is 
attacked by robbers who believe that 
the chest is filled with gold. 

B What's New In The Kitchen 
0 Quizdown—Educational 

Angel Casey is quizmistress. 

© MOVIE—"Trusted Outlaw" 

The last of an outlaw family proves to 
the world that he can go straight and 
throw aside his outlaw blood. Bob Steele. 

12:30 0 Ray Rayner Show—Variety 

Music, chatter, and guests for teen-agers, 

B To Be Announced 


d 2 

Saturday-Detroit Tigers 
Sunday-Detroit Tigers 
Wednesday-Boston Red Sox 
Thursday-Philadelphia Athletics 

1:00 P.M. Batting Practice 
1:10 P.M. Leadoff Man 
1:30 P.M. Game Time 
|iii d 3.-45 P.M. 10th Inning 




All times are Chicago Daylight Saving Time. In Standard Time areas, subtract one hour. 

0 Hank McCune Show 

"Drafted." A battery of psychiatrists 
tries to solve Lester's problem—McCune. 
Sponsored by Bowman Dairy Co. 

12:45 0 News 

1:00 0 Wild Bill Hickok-Westem 

Guy Madison stars as Wild Bill. 

0 Industy on Parade—Film 

(1) The work of D. G. Rempel, Akron, 
Ohio, which is rubber dolls and animals. 

(2) Ward's Natural Science Establishment 
of Rochester, N.Y. 

Q Home Buyer's Guide 
0 Batting Practice—Warm Up 
1:10 0 Lead Off Man—Interviews 

Jack Brickhouse interviews players. 

1:15 © What's Your Trouble 

Dr. and Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale. 

0 Commercial 

1:30 0 MOVIE—"Secrets Of Scot¬ 
land Yard"— An English staff special¬ 
izes in the decoding of Nazi messages. 

{P\r\ Y° u Ought a See It! 




for the whole family! 

Well-meaning Hank is always 
in hot water, along with fea¬ 
tured players Florence Bates 
and Hanley Stafford ("Daddy" 
of Baby Snooks fame). Fun! 


Presented by 


Chicagoland’s Leading Dairy 

0 Farm Program—Discussion 
0 Big Picture—Army Films 
0 Lucky Seven Ranch—Film 
0 BASEBALL-Sox vs. Detroit 
2:00 0 MOVIE—"My Best Girl" 

A father attempts to interest his daughter 
in the trouper traditions of the family. 

0 Youth Wants To Know 
2:15 0 Saddle and Sage—Western 
2:30 0 Choose Your Career—Disc. 

Home economics. 

0 0 Special Program From 
Metropolitan Museum of Art— 

The color cameras pay their first visit to 
the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New 
York City. Francis Henry Taylor, the Mu¬ 
seum's director, and Ben Grauer will con¬ 
duct a tour of the renovated halls, and 
give the first public showing of the new 
Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium. Viewers 
will see objects in the Egyptian, Greek, 
Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance collec¬ 
tions, and, in honor of Mother's Day, 
Whistler's portrait of his mother. 

3:00 0 Racing—From Belmont 

The International Steeplechase, 4-year- 
olds and up, about 2 miles, $20,000 ad¬ 
ded. The best English, Irish, and French 
horses are expected to compete. 

0 Education On Parade 

Lawrence College. 

0 TV Opera 

"Salome," by Richard Strauss, based on 
the Oscar Wilde drama. The story comes 
from the Biblical tale of Salome, who 
dances for Herod. When he offers her 
anything she wishes, she demands the 
head of St. John The Baptist (The Pro¬ 
phet Jokanaan), who had spurned her 
advances. Opera is performed in English. 

Salome . 

Herodias . 

King Herod . 

Narraboth . 

Jckanaan (actor). 

Jokanaan (singer) . 

.Elaine Maibin 

.Lorna Sydney 

.Andrew McKinley 

..Davis Cunningham 

.John Cassavetes 

.Norman Atkins 

John Butler has choreographed Salome's 
:e. Last opera of the season. 


M A Y 8 

0 S H E—Classified Ads 

Service, help and entertainment. Fat 
Banks is hostess. 

3:15 0 Tom Duggan—Comments 
3:30 0 Sports Slant 

GO Colonel Flack—Mystery 

Alan Mowbray as the Colonel. 

3:45 0 Adventures of Biinkey 
0 Tenth Inning—Interviews 

Interviews with H : rry Creighton. 

4:00 0 True Picture—Film 

"The People Together." 

GO Marquette Univ. Newsreel 
0 Ramar Of The Jungle 

"Striped Fury." Tigers escape and create 
confusion. Jon Hall. 

0 Frontier Playhouse—Film 
4:15 GO Wis. St. College Newsreel 
4:30 0 Operation New Horizon 

Lake Forrest College. 

0 Hot Shot Revue—Musical 
0 To Be Announced 
0 Cisco Kid—Western 

Leo Carrillo and Duncan Renaldo. 

4:45 0 Hobby Time—Crafts 

Bill Healion is occupied by construction 
of a "gas-powered Aeronca," a scale 
flying model of the popular Aeronca 
light plane powered with gas. 

5:00 0 What In The World-Quiz 

Dr. Froeiich Rainey moderates for panel¬ 
ist Dr. Alfred Kidder and guests. 

0 Lone Ranger—Western 

John Hart stars as the masked man. 

0 Mr. Wizard—Science 

Don Herbert relates the fascinating story 
of the printed word through the ages. 
His topic is entitled "What's In A Word?" 

0 Superman—Adventure 

"The Treasure of the Incas." An old 
tapestry gives Lois a clue to where the 
treasure cache of the Incas is hidden. 

0 MOVIE—"Outlaws Of Stam¬ 
pede Pass"— A young cattleman be¬ 
comes involved in a gambling incident. 
Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton. 

5:30 0 Gene Autry—Western 

0 Cisco Kid—Western 

Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrillo. 

0 Film Shorts 

0 Rocky Jones—Space Ranger 
5:45 0 Weekly News Roundup 


6K)0 0 Theater At Dusk—Drama 

"Year of the Phoenix." China Smith 
tracks down a rum-soaked derelict who 
vanished without a trace seven years 
ago. Dan Duryea. 

0 News—Paul Skinner 
0 To Be Announced 
0 Tom Duggan—Comments 
© MOVIE—'Westbound Stage' 

A band of road agents loots an army 
train, killing most of the crew. 

6:10 0 Weather—Bill Carlsen 
6:15 GO Sports—Lloyd Pettit 
6:30 0 Beat The Clock—Games 

Zany stunts and "the folks of fun." 
Flash-photo contest. Bud Coilyer. (Did 
you know that stunts are pre-tested on 
this show? See Page 8.) ■ 

0 0 Ethel And Albert 

Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce. 

0 Dotty Mack Show 

Dotty, Bob Braun, and Colin Male do 
pantomime to popular records. Dotty: 
Rosemary Clooney, "Lovely Weather for 
Ducks." Bob: Eddie Fisher, "Begin the 
Beguine." Dotty: Dinah Shore, "Bella 
Musica." Dotty & Bob: Patti Page & 
Rusty Draper, "Wedding Beils Will Soon 
Be Ringing." Colin: Tony Romano, 
"Goombye Goomba." Bob: Ray McKinley, 
"Long Gone." Dotty: Jo Stafford, "Make 
"Love to Me." In tribute to Mother's Day, 
Bob Braun pantomimes to Eddie Fisher's 
"My Mom." 


Art Carney, Audrey Meadows, Joyce 
Randolph, the June Taylor Dancers, and 
the flower of the musical world, Ray 
Bloch and his orchestra. Looks like we'll 
haye another glimpse into the life of bus 
driver Ralph Cramden and his spouse, 
with their neighbors Ed and Trixie Norton. 


tonight on TV 


Situation comedy at its best 


every Saturday 

• 6:30 pm • 



All times are Chicago Daylight Saving Time. 

In Standard Time areas, subtract one hour. 


When Danny asks once too often that 
his mother-in-law babysit for him, he 
gets a lesson in adult psychology from 
his children. Jean Hagen as Danny's wife. 


Spike and the gang appear in a sketch 
about the trials and tribulations of the 
City Slickers when they go on the road 
for one-night stands. (This is the final 
show of the series. Next week: "Your 
Lucky Star," a quiz show. Cash prizes 
will be given to contestants who guess 
the films from which they see clips.) 

© MOVIE—"Black Dragons" 

A plastic surgeon goes to Japan at the 
behest of Axis powers and transfers six 
members of the Black Dragons into living 
likenesses of American industrialists. Bela 
Lugosi and Joan Barclay. 

7:15 0 FOCAL POINT—Film 
7:30 © 0 AMATEUR HOUR-Tafent 

Ted Mack introduces talented youngsters 
in their bid for footlight fame. Sammy 
Mandola, age 13, a dancer from Buffalo, 
New York, is among the guests. 


College basketball: Western Kentucky vs. 
Louisville. Hockey: Detroit Red Wings vs. 
NY Rangers. College Basketball: Dayton 
vs. NYU. Boxing: Eastern finals of Golden 
Gloves championships. Pro Basketball: 
Rochester Royals vs. NY Knickerbockers. 
Boxing: Paddy Young vs. Ernie Durando. 


Hoosier humorist Herb Shriner emcees. 
(Herb tries out the questions beforehand. 
Details on Page 8.) 


Actor Eddie Albert is tonight's host. Sid 
Caesar and Imogene Coca are assisted by 
Carl Reiner, Howard Morris, Virginia 
Curtis, and Jack Russell. 

Cisco Andrade vs. Armand Savoie, light¬ 
weights, 10 rounds. Jack Gregson reports 
from Buffalo Auditorium, Buffalo, N. Y. 


M A Y 8 


Rated B W L D KOs' 

Andrade 9 22 21 0 1 12 

Savoie Not Rated 65 45 15 5 23 

Compiled by Nat Fleischer (The Ring) 



Liz visits a resort without George, and 
finds she is the only attractive, unat¬ 
tached woman in the place. Joan Caul¬ 
field and Barry Nelson. 

© WRESTLING—Marigold 

Main: Bobby Laine vs. Verne Gagne. 
John Arjon vs. Jim Walmsley. 

Kostas Devallis vs. Mitsu Arakowa. 

Pete Bartu vs. Billy Hickson. 

Shiek of Araby vs. Jack Carter. 

Hans Herman vs. Lou Laposki. 

John Babich vs. Bob Ortan. 

8:45 0 TOM DUGGAN-Sports 

News from the athletic world. 

9:00 0 THAT'S MY BOY-Comedy 

Jack invites athlete Bill Baker to the 
house to give Junior an idea of the 
type of behavior he admires. But Bill 
turns out to be a show-off. Eddie Maye- 
hoff and Gil Stratton, Jr., star. 

9:05 0 NEWS—Ulmer Turner 
9:30 0 STARS SHOWCASE-Drama 
GO MOVIE—Feature Film 

Dorothy Collins, Gisele MacKenzie, Snooky 
Lanson, and Russell Arms review the 
"Lucky 7" tunes of the week. Extras: "It 
Don't Mean a Thing," played by the. 
Raymond Scott Orchestra; "Goofus," sung 
by Gisele MacKenzie. 

0 FOCAL POINT-Film Shorts 
10:00 0 MOVIE—'Madame Gambles' 

A small dress shop proprietor, whose 
only vice is playing the horses, bets her 
whole business on a race. Richard Hearne. 

© Inner Sanctum—Mystery 
"Watcher By The Dead." When a practi¬ 
cal joker bets a friend $10,000 that he 
will not stay all night in an empty house 
with a corpse, death gets a grim chuckle. 

0 MOVIE—"The Glass Alibi" 

A reporter with criminal tendencies in¬ 
veigles a wealthy woman into marriage 
upon learning she is to die. Paul Kelly. 

10:30 ©Janet Dean, R.N.—Drama 

"The Kimball Case'." In spite of opposi¬ 
tion from little Billy Kimball, Janet at¬ 
tempts to cure the child's mental trouble, 
which stems from the super-concern for 
his welfare. Ella Raines stars as Janet. 
10:55 0 Weather—Bill Carlsen 
11:00 0 Name That Tune—Quiz 
© MOVIE—Feature Film 
© MOVIE-"Let's Get Tough" 

The East Side Kids attempt to solve the 
murder of a Japanese and they become 
involved in the Black Dragon Society. 

11:30 0 I'm The Law—Police Drama 

"The South American Money." Lieutenant 
Kirby (George Raft) investigates the sup¬ 
posed killing of a general who has stolen 
the paper on which his country's money 
is printed. 

[0] Dollar A Second—Quiz 

Jan Murray emcees quiz game. 

0 First Church Of The Deliver¬ 

250 voices make up the choir. Rev. Clar¬ 
ence H. Cobbs will deliver a short inspir¬ 
ational message. 

12:00 0 News 

GO Boston Blackie—Drama 

Kent Taylor stars with Lois Collier. 

©Faces In The Window 

Ken Nordine narrates tale of intrigue. 

0 MOVIE—"Double Liability" 
12:05 0MOVIE-"lce Capades" 

A newsreel cameraman is given a Lake 
Placid assignment and, with much con¬ 
fusion, gets his shots. Jerry Colonna. 

12:30 0 Down You Go—Panel Quiz 

Dr. Bergen Evans, Fran Coughlin, Robert 
Breen, Carmelita Pope, and Toni Gilman- 
1:00 0 News—Tom Mercein 
1:05 0 MOV!E-"Affairs of Cappy 
Ricks" — Cappy returns unexpectedly 
from a cruise and finds his home and bus¬ 
iness in danger of ruin. 



All times are Chicago Daylight Saving Time. 


8:30 0 Church In The Home 

Q Back To God—Discussion 

Rev. Peter H. Eldersveld presents today's 
problems in the light of the Ten Com¬ 

8:45 Q Religious Film 

Father Keller of the Christophers. 

9:00 0 Lamp Unto My Feet 

Drama—"The Invisible Stain," by Allan 
Sloane. Guest panelist: Reverend Paul 
Stevens, director of the Radio and TV 
Commission of the Southern Baptist 
Church. William Leonard is the host. A 
modern version of the legend of the 
prodigal son, written by the writer of 
the film screenplay "Martin Luther." 

0 MOVIE—Feature Film 
9:150 Bible Time—Stories 

"The Burning Bush." Marcella Hein. 

9:30 0 Look Up and Live 

Evangelist Rev. Chuck Templeton returns. 
Al Hodge (Capt. Video) emcees, and 
music comes from singer Betty Cox and, 
in honor of Armed Forces Day, the 
Sampsonaires, male glee club from 
Sampson Air Force Base in New York. 

0 The Pulpit—Religious Talk 

Religious talk by Dr. Louis Mann of 
Chicago Sinai Congregation, on "Mothers 
—Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow." 

0 Flight Plan 
9:45 0 Religious Film 

The Christophers have as their guest 
actor Gene Lockhart. 

9:50 Q Commercial 
10:00 0 This Way Up-Bible Quiz 

The Jewish religion. 

0 Live And Learn—Discussion 

Discussion on "Renewal of a City." 
Speaker: James C. Downs, Jr., Housing 
and Redevelopment Coordinator, Chi¬ 
cago. Topic: "Chicago's Program for 
Neighborhood Conservation." 

0 MOVIE—"South Of Pago 

Pago"— Avaricious white men go to an 
isle to bribe natives for pearl wealth. 

M A Y 9 

In Standard Time areas, subtract one hour. 

0 MOVIE—"Mark Of The 
Avenger" —A man is framed for the 
murder of his one-time partner. 

10:30 0 MOVIE-"Calling All Ma¬ 
rines"— A young mobster is hired by 
a spy ring to spy on a new aerial tor¬ 
pedo. Donald Barry and Helen Mack. 

QO This Is The Life—Drama 

A tense and dramatic story of the ef¬ 
forts of an expectant father to prepare 
for the "new arrival." 

0 Sunday Funnies 

Unde Ned Locke reads the comics. 

11:00 GQ Church Services 
0 Film Shorts 
11:25© Commercial 
11:30 0 Contest Carnival—Kids 

Mickey Kyrah of Morgantown, Pa., jug¬ 
gler. The Charleens of Philadelphia, 
hand-balancers. Paul Dudinot of Reading, 
Pa., strongman. Rodney Swartz of York, 
Pa., contortionist. Barker is Gene Crane. 

© MOVIE—"Lawless Land" 

Western adventure starring Johnny 
Mack Brown. 

0 Faith For Today—Religious 

A group of teen-agers ask Dr. Fagal 
whether they are dishonest if they repair 
their hot-rods with parts they suspect 
are stolen property. ("Faith For Today" 
enters its fifth continuous year on TV 
this month.) 

0 Dick Tracy—Mystery Drama 

"Flat Top," part 1. 


12:00 0 News—Frank Reynolds 
[3 Noontime Comics 
0 Johnny Jupiter—Puppets 

"Penny Arcade." Duckweather has a 
day off and visits the penny arcade with 
Reject who falls in love with a wax 

0 MOVIE—"Range Defenders" 

The Three Mesquiteers are up against 
a phony sheriff. Bob Livingston. 

12:15 0 Your Future Home—Ideas 

Jack Callaghan comments. 


M A Y 9 

12:30 0 TV Garden Club 

Milton Carleton gives tips on growing 

© Frontiers Of Faith 

"The Camel and I." A humorous story 
by Morton Wishengrad. The trials and 
tribulations of a New Israeli settler. This 
is another dramatization of aspects of 
Jewish culture presented in co-operation 
with the Jewish Theological Seminary. 

0 Amateur Hour—Talent 

Bob Murphy emcees. (Guests are invited 
to the Civic Opera Theater. Tickets un¬ 

12:45 GO Hank The Handyman 
1:00 0 MOVIE-"An Angel Comes 

To Brooklyn"— A group of unsuccess¬ 
ful young actors are aided by an angel 
from "Actor's Heaven." Kay Dowd. 

GO Better Living Theater 
© John Oft—Gardening 
Time lapse films on "Filling Flower 

0 Batting Practice—Warm Up 

Jack Brickhouse comments. 

1:10 0 Lead Off Man—Interviews 

Vince Lloyd interviews players. 

1:30 0 Zoo Parade-About Animals 

"Mysteries of Migration." The seasonal 
perambulations of a wide variety of 
birds, fish, and land animals. 

© To Be Announced 
0 Wild Bill Hickok-Western 

"The Pawnee Treaty." A prospector and 
a pony express rider are killed by mys¬ 
terious Indian arrows. Guy Madison. 

0 BASEBALL—Sox vs. Detroit 

First game of a double header from 
Comiskey Park. 

2:00 0 Farmtown U.S.A.—Menard 

"Jersey Cattle," is Mr. Menard's subject 
today. Guest: Alvin Ring of Marelyn Farm, 
Wadsworth, III. 

0 Roy Rogers—Western 
© City Desk—Discussion 
0 Annie Oakley—Film 

"Annie and the Texas Sandman." A gun- 
fighter, who has vowed to go straight is 
taunted into one last duel. Gail Davis. 

2:30 ©Film Short 

© Bernard Baruch—Lecture 

"The Failure of Man to Adjust Himself 
to the Complex Laws that Govern His 
Everyday Life" is the subject of the first 
of three talks by America's famed eider 
statesman. Lectures are to be delivered 
at the Baruch School of Business of th» 
City College of New York. 

0 0 Ramar Of The Jungle 

Jon Hall stars. 

3:00 0 Man Of The Week 

Senator John Kennedy (D., Mass.) 

0 The Grenadiers—Musical 
© American Forum Of The Air 

Leonard W. Hall, Chairman of the Re¬ 
publican National Committee, and 
Stephen A. Mitchell, Chairman of the 
Democratic National Committee, help 
"The American Forum of the Air" to 
celebrate its 26th anniversary. 

0 Big Picture—Army Films 
3:30 0 Youth Takes A Stand—Pane! 

The finalists for this month's debate: 
Francis Decker, Jr., of Andover Acad¬ 
emy, from Chappaqua, N. Y.; Alec 
Crowe of Washington Irving School, 
from Wellington, New Zealand; Vincent 
Cook of Xavier High School, from Ho¬ 
boken, N. J. Jim McKay moderates. 

© Zoo Parade-About Animals 

"Zoogems" is discussed by Marlin Per¬ 
kins and Jim Hurlbut, who show beauti¬ 
ful specimens of the reptile family. 

0 Bob Atcher Show—Family 

Bob Atcher, Capt. Stubby's Bucaneers. 

3:45 0 Tenth Inning—Interviews 
4:00 0 Adventure—Educational 

"Adventure" celebrates its first anni¬ 
versary. Scientists from the American 
Museum of Natural History will appear 
with film clips, 

© 0 Hall Of Fame—Drama 

Vignettes from the life of artist James 
McNeill Whistler and his mother. "Portrait 
of Whistler," describes the struggle of 
Whistler to gain recognition. The sheriff 
almost takes away his famous "Arrange¬ 
ment in Black and Gray," ("Whistler's 
Mother"), but a friend steps in. 





fct&.ft v 



wonderful half-hour for 
the whole family on 
TV at a new time...every 
Sunday 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. 

-presented by- 




All time* are Chicago Daylight Saving Time. 

In Standard Time areas, subtract one hour. 

0 Super Circus—3 Ring Thrills 

Claude Kirchner and Mary Hartiine are 
joined by: Captain Leslie and his Cal¬ 
ifornia sea lions. Tubby & Spatz, knock¬ 
abouts. Evers & Dolorez, wire dancers. 
The Flying Hartzels, who will be seen on 

0 BASEBALL—Sox vs. Detroit 

Second game of a double header. 

4:30 0 GO Kukla, Fran And Ollie 

I COl6r~ 1 Impresario Oliver J. Dragon 
presents Kukla, Fran, and Buelah Witch 
in a special version of "Hansel and 
Gretel." Kukla and Fran appear as the 
two lost children. Miss Witch recreates 
the role in which she achieved her 
greatest triumph, in 1945, when she 
first guarded the gumdrop cottage. Burr 
Tillstrom has written the libretto and 
Jack Fascinato has composed the score. 

5:00 0 The American Week 
0 Paul Hartman Show 
0 Meet The Press—Discussion 
0 Cisco Kid—Western Film 
5:30 0 You Are There—Drama 

"The Court-Martial of Mata Hari," on 
July 24, 1917. When the Kaiser decides 
that Mat a Hari is of no further use to 
Germany, he has her condemned to a 
secret trial on a trumped-up charge. 

0 You Asked For It—Requests 
0 Roy Rogers Show—Drama 

"Death Medicine." Roy and Pat Brady 
have help from Bullet the wonder dog, 
when they get on the trail of two kid¬ 
nappers and their hostage. 

0 Jane Pickens—Musical 
5:45 0 Commercial 


6:00 0 Life With Father—Comedy 

It's Father who's sued for libel when his 
neighbors grow angry about the racy 
gossip that appears in the paper the 
children publish. The boys only wanted 
to earn money to buy bicycles. Leon 
Ames and Lurene Tuttle. 


M A Y 9 

[3 Joe Palookct—Adventure 
0 Paul Wine he!!—Comedy 
0 You Asked for It—Requests 

Art Baker's answers to viewer requests 
tonight include: Cliff Rose, on a racing 
auto, grabs a rope ladder dangling 
from a plane overhead, and climbs into 
the cockpit. Surfboard-riding dog. Box¬ 
ing bout on stilts. Optical illusions. 

© Quality Theater—Film 

"Lady With Ideas." An actress, seeking 
publicity, pretends to be a Russian star. 

6:30 © Private Secretary 

"April Showers." Susie plans a shower 
for a bride-to-be. When she interferes 
with the wedding plans, the shower 
turns into a storm. Ann Sothern. 

© GO Mr. Peepers—Comedy 

It's the Weskits' day. The proud parents 
have an important event to add to the 
annals of American history. Tony Randall 
and Georgiann Johnson appear as the 
Weskits. Wally Cox is Mr. Peepers. Mar¬ 
ion Lome plays Mrs. Gurney. (Georgiann 
Johnson is profiled next week.) 

0 Drew Pearson 
© Theater Date—Film 

"Panama Patrol." The inside story of 
the heroes who protect the U.S. from 
foreign spies, the American Counter¬ 
espionage men. Leon Ames. 

6:45 0 News—Austin Kiplinger 

Host Ed Sullivan highlights the 2nd half 
of "The ASCAP Story." Composers who 
appear are: Joe E. Howard, composer of 
"I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now?"; 
Jack Norworih, composer of "Take Me 
Out to the Ball Game"; Rudolf Friml, 
composer of "Rose Marie" and "The Fire¬ 
fly"; Harry Tierney, composer of "Alice 
Blue Gown." Julius La Rosa sings "Young 
At Heart." Barbara and Margaret Whit¬ 
ing do a medley of their dad, Richard 
Whiting's songs including "Japanese Sand¬ 
man," "Sleepy Time Gal," "My Future 
Just Passed," and "One Hour With You." 
Oldtime favorite Benny Fields sings Ernie 
Burnett's "My Melancholy Baby." Nanci 

Crompton dances "The Bridal Veil Dance," 
as she does in "John Murray Anderson's 
Almanac." Liberace smiles out from the 
studio audience. (Review next week.) 

0 0 COMEDY HOUR-Variety 

"Schnozzola," James Durante, Esq., 
greets actress Shelley Winters. Eddie 
Jackson struts alongside. Jimmy plays a 
clown in love with a lady lion-tamer 
(Shelley Winters) in an hour-long circus 
show. In addition to cronies Eddie Jack- 
son, Jules Buffano, and Jack Roth, top 
circus acts are featured: Linda the trapeze 
star; Kirkman, the magician; Pansy, the 
horse; stilt walker Harold De Garro; jug¬ 
gler Wally Blair; clown Art La Rue and 
his dogs; clown George Perkins and his 
"crazy" automobile. Animals include a 
white horse ridden by Shelley Winters, 
a burro, a camel, a chimpanzee, a seal, 
an elephant, two lions and dogs, "in 
person." This is Durante's last show for 
the current season. 



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All times are Chicago Daylight Saving Tii 


"Fingers of Fear." A boy is falsely ac¬ 
cused of murdering a young girl. -His 
sweetheart goes to Peter Guilfoyle for 


Peter Guilfoyle ..William Prince 

Frank .k.'..Grant Williams 

Katherine .Mary Linn Seller 

Maj. Merriman .Don Briggs 


Roman Catholic series. The Rev. Francis 
L. Filas, S.J., professor of Theology at 
Loyola, explains and demonstrates the 
meaning of the Mass. The Rev. John 
Brown, 5t. Melachy's Church, speaks to- 
Tttght On "God, The Son." 

$•00 © FRED WARtNG-Musical 

The Glee Club offers "We Love to Sing," 
by Buddy Bernier, Daisy's brother. Choral 
treatment of "Nutcracker Suite" and 
"Peer Gynt Suite." Two patriotic num¬ 
bers: "Where in the World But in Amer¬ 
ica?" and "Stars and Stripes Forever." 
Daisy Bernier and Clyde Sechler duet on 
a new number called "Trust in Me." Fred 
observes Mother's Day by conducting the 
Glee Club in his mother's favorite song 
"You'll Never Walk Alone." 

"Miss Look-Alike," by Mann Rubin. An 
average miss wins a contest as the dou¬ 
ble of a movie star, and begins a 
glamorous new life on the town. 


Audrey Blazer .Geraldine Page 

Howard .Norman Feld 

Gil ..Walter Brooke 

Cindy .Bibi Osterwald 

Mrs. Blazer .Ruth White 

© ROCKY KING-Roscoe Karns 

"Murder Will Out." The star's under¬ 
study and the show's manager are both 
in love with the star's wife. When the 
star is poisoned just before a perform¬ 
ance, the understudy and the manager 
are prime suspects. 

M A Y 9 

!. In Standard Time areas, subtract one hour. 

3:15 © MARTHA WRIGHT—Musical 

Martha's special guest is Wally Cox, TV's 
"Mr. Peepers." He sings "There Is a Tav¬ 
ern in the Town." Martha offers "I Only 
Have Eyes For You." Against a cowboy 
background, Martha gets an assist from 
her two French poodles to sing "Don't 
Fence Me In." 


"The Boston Story." A detective on the 
Boston & Maine Railroad is puzzled by a 
series of freight-car pilferings. Howard 
St. John, Cliff Hall, Harold McGee. 

© DOCTOR I.Q.—Quiz Game 

"The Sick Man." The owner of a hard¬ 
ware store summons police from a sick¬ 
bed to report his wife is missing. They 
find her body on the premises. Ken Lynch. 

9:00 © THE WEB-Drama 

"Blind Man's Buff." A blind ex-convict is 
forced to lead his former mobster pals 
to the loot from a 20-year-old robbery. 


"Oh, My Aching Heart." A glamour girl 
masquerades as an aged spinster to ob¬ 
tain a job with a boss who refuses to 
employ attractive women. George Nader. 


Bert Parks emcees. 


Moderator Jay Jackson with panel: Fred 
Van Deventer, Florence Rinard, Herb Po- 
lesie, and Bobby McGuire. 

9:30 © WHAT'S MY LINE?-Quiz 

Actress Faye Emerson appears with reg¬ 
ular panelists Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennett 
Cerf, Steve Allen, and emcee John Daly. 


"Sunset Farm." Mike Barnett comes to the 
rescue of an old lady who finds herself 
the "guest" at a lonely farm retreat. 
Ralph Bellamy appears as Mike Barnett. 

©TV THEATER-Film Drama 

"The Boxer and the Stranger." A prize¬ 
fighter breaks his hand, leaves home, 
and becomes involved with a murderess. 


10:00 © News Special 
S News Room 
© Weather—Clint Youle 
0 Big Picture—Army Films 
Q MOVIE—"Macomber Affair 
Drama of an unhappily married coup 
who hire a famous hunter to guide the 
through the African jungle. Joan Benn* 
and Gregory Peck. Sponsored by Courte 

10:10 ©Dorsey Connors—Tips 

"Clothespin Capers." 

10:15 ©Death Valley Days 

A young girl finds herself obligated 
an Indian chief who demands that she 
his squaw. 

© News—Alex Dreier 
10:30 © Sports—Norm Barry 
00 Victory At Sea 

"The Battle for Leyte Gulf," the great!, 
naval battle of the Pacific. 

0 MOVIE—"King of The Turf 

A former horseman regains the positio 
he once held in turfdom. Adolphe Menjr 
and Dolores Costello. 

10:45 0 Fabulous You—Women 

Syd Simons, makeup expert and authori' 
and Jacqueline MacKenzie, fashion coc 
dinator, are regular members of t* 
beauty panel. Jack Taylor announces. 

11:00 0 MOVIE—"Driftwood" 

An orphan girl is left alone in a stra 
desert town when her grandfather die 
and she is adopted by the town doctc 

GO U. S. Steel Hour—Drama 

TV GUIDE award-winning dramatic she 
presents an adaptation of the class 
American novel "The Rise of Silas La 
ham," by William Dean Howells. "Tf 
Laphams of Boston." A self-made mt 
encounters the cruel snobbery of Ba' 
Bay society when his daughter becom 
engaged to the son of a "first family." 

Silas Lapham ..Thomas Mitch. 

Mrs. Lapham .Dorothy Gk 

Mr. Corey .Colin Keith Johnsc 

Penelope Lapham.Patricia Whe 

Irene Lapham .Lois Smi 

MAY 10 

■ndord Time areas, subtract one hour. 

0 Play House—Kiddies 

Angel Casey with games and stories. 

O A To Z Of Cookery—Tips 

Monday Melange—leftovers. 

30 0 Strike It Rich—Quiz 

Warren Hull emcees "quiz with a heart." 

O Studio B For Bartlett 

Tommy Bartlett and a guest personality. 

55 O News—Ulmer Turner 
© News—Steve Fentress 
GO 0 Valiant Lady—Serial 

Nancy Coleman in the title role. 

0 Gordon Thomas—Variety 
© Bride and Groom-Wedding 

Elizabeth Laurel Kearns of San Fran¬ 
cisco, California, marries Charles Val 
Crossley of Gardena, California. 

© Danny O'Neil Show 

Danny, Chet Roble, Nancy Wright. 

© Ernie Simon—Four To Go 

Quiz contest. (Guests are invited. Write 
WGN-TV for tickets.) 

:15 © Love Of Life—Serial 

Peggy McCay stars as Vanessa Dale. 

0 Hawkins Falls—Serial 

Life in a small midwestern town. 

:30 © Search For Tomorrow 

Tate again offers Hazel all he has. ("To¬ 
morrow" is reviewed next week.) 

0 Betty White Show 

Music by Frank De Vol and his orchestra. 

© Earl Nightingale—Chats 
:45 0 Guiding Light—Serial 

Janet is not at all pleased with the 
birthday present Dick has given her. 

© Charm Salon—Beauty 

"Care of Hair." Hostess Pat Stevens. 

:55 © News—Ulmer Turner 
© News—Steve Fentress 


-00 0 Brighter Day—Serial 

Althea quarrels with Grayling. 

0 What's New In The Kitchen 
0 Noontime Comics 

Johnny Coons entertains the kiddies. 

0 Happy Pirates—Variety 

Two-Ton Baker with Art Hern. 

0 Hi Ladies—Interviews 

Mike Douglas emcees the fun. 

12:15 0 Portia Faces Life—Serial 

Kathy Baker flirts with trouble when 
her failing marriage leads her to des¬ 
perate action. 

12:30 0 Garry Moore—Variety 

Steve Allen takes over as emcee for this 
week only. Garry Moore vacations. Ivan 
Sanderson appears with a jungle friend. 
Denise Lor sings "Little Things Mean a 
Lot/' and Ken Carson offers "You 
Stepped Out of a Dream." 

0 Bob And Kay—Chatter 

Kay Westfall returns from Europe. 

12:45 0 News 

0 Dr. Preston Bradley—Talks 

Inspiration and topical subjects. 

12:55 0 News—Ulmer Turner 
0 News—Steve Fentress 
1:00 0 Double Or Nothing—Quiz 

Bert Parks emcees quiz game. 

0 Bob Heiss—Interviews 
0 Francois Pope—Recipes 

Creole chicken and rice individual cas¬ 
seroles; corn oysters. 

0 Ruth Crowley—Baby Care 
0 TV Showcase—Film Drama 

"Who Goes Next." Two soldiers are 
imprisoned in a German camp during 
World War I. Barry Barnes and Jack 

1:15 0 The Doctor's Answer—Talk 

Elizabeth Hart conducts discussion with 
Dr. W. W. Bauer or William Bolton. 

1:30 0 Linkletter's House Party 

Art returns from Hawaii. Columnist 
Sheilah Graham is Art's guest. 

0 Swingalong—Musical 

Music by Kenny Bowers. 

1:55 0 Weather—Bill Carlsen 
2:00 0 Big Payoff—Quiz 

Randy Merriman and Bess Myerson. 

0 0 . Kate Smith—Variety 

(1) The Kateds and the Katydids. (2) 
Ted Collins interviews an important per¬ 
son in current affairs. (3 & 4) Musical 

0 Claude Kirchner—Variety 

Music and chatter for the ladies. 

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M A Y 10 

All times are Chicago Daylight Saving Tir 

© Paul Dixon Show—Music 

Pantomimes to popular records. 

2:30 © Bob Crosby—Musical 

Tunes: "Mary Lou," "I Get So Lonely," 
"Young at Heart," "Perfidia," and "I 

Q Stuart Brent—Discussion 
2:45 O News—Austin Kiplinger 
3:00 © Woman With A Past-Serial 

Steve pleads in vain with Lynn. 

© @ Welcome Travelers 

Tommy Bartlett interviews Chicago visitors. 

© Jerry Lester Show—Variety 
© MOVIE-'Scattergood Baines' 

Seattergood enters a small town and 
outwits chislers who think he has grown 
old and soft. 

3:15© Secret Storm—Serial 

Pauline tries to set the children against 

3:30 © Petticoat Party—Games 

Frazier Thomas emcees the fun. (Guests 
invited. Write WBBM-TV, Petticoat Party.) 

© @ On Your Account 

Interviews with Win Elliot. 

3:45 © Movie Quick Quiz—Game 

Dick "Two-Ton" Baker emcees. 

3:55 © News—Ulmer Turner 
4:00 © Shopping With Miss Lee 

Lee Phillip with shopping tips. 

0 Beulah Donohue—Women 
© Pinky Lee-Comedy, Games 
© Home Theater-Film Feature 

"Copy Boy." A young copy boy is saved 
by an ace sports editor from being dis¬ 
charged from a metropolitan paper. 
Robert Ellis and John Warburton. 

© MOVlE-'Riders of the Dawn' 

A traveling cowboy troupe finds an in¬ 
fant whose rancher parents were mur¬ 
dered in an oil scheme. Jimmy Wakely 
and Johnny James. 

4:20 © MOVIE—"Rio Grande 

Raiders"— -A stage coach driver and 
his brother disagree. Bob Steele, Linda 
Sterling, and Torn London. 

4:30 © 0 Howdy Doody—Puppets 

Buffalo Bob and Clarabeil Clown. 

s. In Standard Time areas, subtract one hour, 

© Garfield Goose and Friend 
"King" Garfield and Frazier Thomas. 
4:55 © News—Les Nichols 
5:00 0 Superman—Adventure 

George Reeves stars as Clark Kent. 

© Elmer, The Elephant—Kids 

John Conrad, Elmer, and Elmira. 

© Jolly Seven Gang—Kids 

Joe Kelly and the Robot. 

© Bob Atcher Show—Kids 

Western stories and songs. 

5:30 © Gene Autry Time—Film 
0 Foreman Tom—Western 
© Close-Up—Musical 
Howard Miller, June Valli and the Art 
Van Damme Quintet. 

© Sports—Tom Duggan 
© News—Leslie Monypenny 
5:45 © Bob And Ray—Satires 

Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding. 

© Curbstone Cut Up-Chats 

Ernie Simon conducts interviews. 


6:00 © Sports—Bob Elson 

0 Hot Shot Revue—Musical 
© Weather—Clint Youle 

Look at the charts. 

© News—Austin Kiplinger 
© Captain Video—Adventures 

Video is captured before he can rescue 
the missing president. 

6:05 © News—Jack Angell 
© Sports—Jack Drees 
6:10 © Sports—Joe Wilson 

© Weather—Wayne Griffin 

Forecast for tonight and tomorrow. 

6:15 © News—Julian Bentley 
0 News 

© Dorsey Connors—Travel 

A trip to Afghanistan. 

© News—John Daly 
© Marge And Jeff—Comedy 

Marge writes a speech for her campaign 
for the club presidency. Marge Greene 
and Jeff Cain star. 

6:20 © Alex Dreier—Features 

"Man On the Go," with news. 


M A Y 10 

6:25 S Weather 

@ Tony Weitzel—Comments 

Gossip about what goes on in Our Town. 

6:30 0 News—Douglas Edwards 
0 Sports Picture 
0 Tony Martin—Music 

Amidst scenes of "Gay Paree," Tony 
sings "I Love Paris," and "April in Paris." 

0 Jamie—Drama 

"Jamie Takes Violin Lessons" because 
Aunt Laurie and Grandpa insist, but he 
lets them know he doesn't like it. Bran¬ 
don de Wilde, Heywood Hale Broun, 
Polly Rowles, Ernest Truex. 

0 News—Spencer Allen 
6:45 0 Perry Como Show—Music 

Top tunes of the week sung by Perry, 
the Fonfane Sisters, Ray Charles Chorus, 
with music by Mitchell Ayres' orchestra. 

© GO News—John C. Swayze 
0 Chicagoland Newsreel 
7:00 0 BURNS & ALLEN-Comedy 

George plans to spend 24 hours in bed 
to prepare for a physical exam, and 
Gracie determines to keep the house 
absolutely quiet. Harry and Blanche Mor¬ 
ton (Larry Keating and Bea Benaderet) 
pitch in to keep the silence, (film) 

[4] NAME'S THE SAME-Panel 

Robert Q. Lewis with Joan Alexander, 
Basil Rathbone and Gene Rayburn. 


Musical comedy quiz featuring Red Ben¬ 
son and Vicki Mills. 


Kirby Grant as the sky cowboy. 


Jan Murray emcees comedy quiz. 

7:30 0 TALENT SCOUTS-Variety 

Arthur Godfrey emcees professional talent. 

© 0 CONCERT-H. Barlow 

In honor of Confederate Memorial Day 
in North and South Carolina, the pro¬ 
gram includes several Southern numbers. 
Soloist is mezzo-soprano Rise Stevens. 
Miss Stevens 

Beautiful Dreamer ..Stephen Foster 

'Neath the Southern Moon ..,.. 

Victor Herbert 


Vissi D'Arte from "Tosca" .Puccini 

Two Hearts in Three-Quarter Time _ 

Robert Stolz 


Southern Rhapsody ...Lucius Kosmer 

Prelude to "Carmen" _Bizet 


King Cotton March ....John ’Philip Sousa 
Armed Forces Medley: "The Caissons Go 
Rolling Along," "Semper Paratus," "The 
U.S. Air Force Song," and "The Marines 

7:40 0 FOCAL POINT-Film 
8:00 0 I LOVE iUCY-Comedy 

"Tennessee Ernie Hangs On." Lucy and 
Desi pretend that they are poor, in a 
desperate attempt to get rid of their 
hillbilly house guest. Lucille Ball and 
Desi Arnaz. Tennessee Ernie is a special 




All time* ore Chicago Daylight Saving Time. In Standard Time area*, 


There'* chaos in the Goldberg household 
when Molly the matchmaker is visited 
by some of the couples that she has 
brought together. Gertrude Berg. 

0 DENNIS DAY-Comedy 

Duke Larsen, notorious bank robber, 
tells naive Dennis he's making a docu¬ 
mentary movie. Dennis acts as a lookout 
for a robbery, and has a tough time 
explaining his role to the police. Cliff 
Arquette, who plays Charlie the janitor 
on the show, co-authored tonight's 
script. Robert Armstrong plays Duke 

0 TV PLAYHOUSE-Film Drama 

"The Black Raven." An inn becomes the 
scene of intrigue and murder, and all 
the guests are suspects. George Zucco. 


Marian Year series in conjunction with 
the centenary celebration of the Cath¬ 
olic Church. Father Keane conducts. 
8:30 0 RED BUTTONS-Comedy 
Fun with Red and company. 

Elliott Nugent stars in "Pilgrim's Pride," 
by Iriving Gaynor Neiman. A business 
man takes his most important stockhold¬ 
er to the country for conferences. But 
his daughter is there already, with an 
ardent swain among her house-party 


Mr. Pilgrim .Elliott Nugent 

The Stockholder ...Gage Clarke 

The Daughter .Pat Smith 

Her Beau .Cliff Robertson 

(Even Presidents take direction. See p. 5.) 


"Trick training your dog" and "Trout 
fisherman's paradise." 

subtract one hour. 

9:00 0 STUDIO ONE-Drama 

"Fear is No Stranger," by Henry Mis- 
rock. When two young girls are brutally 
murdered, the town's District Attorney 
calms the worried populace. Then he 
realizes that his own daughter may be 
dating the murder suspect. (Artists use 
history's biggest canvas on this show. 
Story and illustration on page 18.) 


Danny O'Neil emcees and Johnny Re- 
volta, former Western Open Champion, 
now with Evanston Golf Club, who 
gives demonstrations of technique and 
form, is joined by a professional golfer. 

0 BOXING—Brooklyn 
Floyd Patterson, light-heavyweight, vs. 
Jesse Turner, middleweight, 8 rounds. 
Chris Schenkei reports. 


Rated B W L D KO's 

Patterson 4 (LH) 12 12 0 0 8 
Turner unrated 55 37 13 5 22 
This will be young Patterson's biggest 
test as he meets a strong, hard-hitting 
veteran. Although this is a catch-weight 
bout, there should be less than six 
pounds difference in weights. Bout 
shapes up as a test of Patterson's 
lightning punching speed against Turn¬ 
er's experience. 

Compiled by Nai Fleischer (The Ring). 


Regular panelists are H. V. Kaltenborn 
and Morey Amsterdam. Walter Kiernan 


"Medicine Woman." A rollicking comedy 
involving a beautiful lady doctor whose 
love affair with a construction engineer 
is helped by a romantic young patient 
and a nurse. George Brent, Andrea King. 



Keep Score With Ed Pazdur 
On WGN-TV, See Listings. 


M A Y 10 


"One for the Book." Captain Braddock 
(Reed Hadley) deals with rare book 

9:45 © SPORTS-Arch Ward 
10:00 0 News—Fahey Flynn 
0 Industry On Parade 
© Weather—Clint Youle 
0 City Assignment—Film 
"The Rugged Reverend." Trying to save 
his church from condemnation by the 
city, a Reverend must take drastic steps 
—into the boxing ring. Pat McVey. 

0 MOVIE—"D.O.A." 

A man is dying of poisoning and spends 
bis last few days looking for his mur¬ 
derer and his motive. Edmund O'Brien 
and Pamela Britton. 

10:10 ©Dorsey Connors—ideas 

"No slips for your slips." 

10:15 0 In Town Tonight—Variety 

Miss Lee Phillip is mistress-of-cere- 
monies, and Len Dresslar, Merelyn Tate, 
The King's jesters, and Frank Smith with 
his orchestra, supply the music. 

0 News—Paul Skinner 
© News—Jack Angell 
10:25 0 Weather—Bill Carlsen 
10:30 0 News—John Harrington 
0 Big Story—Drama 

When a restaurant owner is murdered, 
his two employees disappear. A reporter 
knows the two, one a weakling, and 
the other a braggart, by sight. He sets 
out to find them. This is the Big Story 
of Robert Cour of the Denver Post. 

© Sports—Norman Barry 
0 Candid Camera—Film 

Allen Font and his hidden camera in¬ 
vade an unsuspecting person's life. 

10:45 0 lrv Kupcinet—Comments 

Gossip, chatter, and news. 

© Herbie Mint*—Musical 
11:00 0 Playhouse—Film Drama 
0 Big Town—Drama 

Pat McVey and Beverly Tyler. 

© Chicago Crossroads 
Interviews with Dorothy & Tony Weitzei. 
0 News—Ulmer Turner 
11:05 0 Weather 
11:10 0 Your Lucky Star—Gossip 

Ann Marsters with Hollywood chatter. 

11:15 0 Guest House—Variety 
11:30 0 Late News 

0 MOVIE—"The Scarlet Claw" 

Sherlock Holmes and Watson investi¬ 
gate the mysterious reappearance of a 
legendary monster in a French-Cana- 
dian village. Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. 

0 News—Les Nichols 
11:35 0 MOVIE—"Million Dollar 

Weekend" —Drama involving em¬ 
bezzlement, alleged murder, blackmail, 
and robbery. Gene Raymond, Stephanie 
Pauli and Francis Lederer. 

11:45 0 Weather—Carl Greyson 
12:00 ©MOVIE-"The Yanks Are 

Coming"— A band leader sneers at 
military men until his entire group walks 
out on him and joins the service. Henry 
King and Mary Healy. 

1:00 0 News 






Alt times ore Chicago Daylight Saving Time 


6:45 © Everett Mitchell—Talks 
7:00 © The Morning Show-Variety 

Walter Cronkife with Bil and Cora Baird 
and their marionettes. (Local news with 
Frank Reynolds at 7:25 and 7:55 A.M.) 

© 0 Today-News, Interviews 

(Five minutes of local news with Len O'¬ 
Connor at 7:25, 7:55, 8:25, 8:55.) 

0 Chicago Parade—Variety 
8:00 O Breakfast Club-Don McNeill 
Fran Allison, Sam Cowling, Eileen Parker. 
8:25 0 News-John Harrington 
8:30 0 The Morning Show—Cont'd 
’ 45 O News—Bruce Macfarlane 
3 15 0 News—Jim Conway 
9:00 0 Godfrey And Friends 

Arthur and company. 

© 0 Ding Dong School—Kids 

Nursery with Dr. Frances Horwich. 

0 Beulah Karney Presents 

Interesting people and places. 

0 Paul Fogarty—Exercises 

Swim suits are small—are you? 

9:30 © 0 One Man's Family-Serial 

Johnny and Claudia have their first meet¬ 
ing together with Mother Barbour. 

0 Pied Piper Show—Kids 
Q Time For Stories 

Tina Redmond reads to youngsters. 

9:45 © 0 Three Steps To Heaven 
10:00 © 0 Home—For Women 

The premiere of a regular Tuesday fea¬ 
ture, "People who knock at your door." 
Starring today is the Fuller Brush man. 
Folksinger Frank Luther visits. Kit Kinne 
demonstrates frosting of grapes. 

0 Play House—Kiddies 
0 A To Z Of Cookery—Tips 

Bachelor supper-masculine menu. 

10:30 ©Strike It Rich-Quiz 

Warren Hull emcees. 

0 Studio B For Bartlett 

Tommy Bartlett with guests. 

10:55 0 News—Ulmer Turner 
0 News—Steve Fentress 
11:00 0 Valiant Lady—Serial 

. In Standord Time areas, subtract one hour. 

0 Gordon Thomas-lnterviews 
© Bride and Groom-Wedding 

Clara Joyce Kirkpatrick marries James 
Robert Betenbaugh, both of Atlanta, Ga. 

0 Danny O'Neil—Variety 
0 Ernie Simon—Four To Go 

Quiz game. (Guests are invited.) 

11:15 ©Love Of Life-Serial 

Peggy McCay plays Vanessa Dale. 

© Hawkins Falls—Serial 
11:30 0 Search For Tomorrow 

Marge and Patti persuade Jo to phone 
Irene and accept her offer. 

© Betty White Show 

Music by Frank De Vol's orchestra. 

0 Earl Nightingale—Chats 
11:45 0 Guiding Light—Serial 

Dan Peters makes an important call. 

1 1:55 0 News—Ulmer Turner 
0 News—Steve Fentress 


12:00 0 Brighter Day—Serial 

Papa stands by Althea. Brooke Bryon. 

0 What's New In The Kitchen 
© Noontime Comics—Kids 

Johnny Coons entertains the kids. 

0 Happy Pirates—Kids' Fun 

Two-Ton Baker and Art Hern. 

0 Hi Ladies—Interview 

Mike Douglas emcees. 

12:15 0 Portia Faces Life—Serial 

Dickie Manning (Charles Taylor) calls on 
his secret crush Ruth Byfield (Mary Fickett) 
to discuss his problems. 

12:30 0 Garry Moore—Variety 

"The Farm Problem" introduces the fa¬ 
mous farm authority Ezra T. Silo. Steve 
Allen does audience interviewing. Im¬ 
personator Will Jordan visits. Denise 
sings "Berceuse." 

© Bob And Kay—Chatter 

Kay Westfall and Bob Murphy. 

12:45 0 Let's Look At The News 

0 Dr. Preston Bradley—Talks 
12:55 0 News—Ulmer Turner 
0 News—Steve Fentress 
1:00 0 Bob Heiss—Interviews 


M A Y 11 

0 Francois Pope—Recipes 

Swedish spice cookies: veal patties Farci. 

0 Ruth Crowley—Baby Care 
0 TV Showcase—Drama 

"They Come By Night." A canny Scot is 
involved with a crime ring but turns the 
tables on them. Will Fyffe. 

1:15 0 The Doctor's Answer—Talks 

Elizabeth Hart conducts discussion. 

1:30 0 Linkletter's Houseparty 

Art's guest is comedienne-singer Mary 
McCarty, featured with Jane Russell in 
"The French Line." 

0 Swingalong—Musical 
1:45 0 Commercial 
1:55 0 Weather—Bill Carlsen 
2:00 0 Big Payoff—Quiz Game 
0 0 Kate Smith—Variety 

(1) Film featurette. (2) America sings. (3) 
International Forum. (4) Ballet starring 
Andre Eglevsky and Nora Kaye. 

0 Claude Kirehner—Variety 
0 Paul Dixon Show—Music 
2:30 0 Bob Crosby—Musical 

Tunes: "Wanted," "Where Can I Go With¬ 
out You?" "You Got Plans," "Daddy's 
Little Girl." 

0 Stuart Brent—Discussion 
2:45 0 News—Austin Kiplinger 
3:00 0 Woman With A Past-Serial 

Dr. Pete gives Steve some stern advice. 

© 0 Welcome Travelers 

Tommy Bartlett interviews Chicago visit¬ 
ors. {Guests invited. Write WNBQ, Chgo.) 

0 Jerry Lester Show—Variety 
0MOVIE—"Scattergood Pulls 

the Strings"— Scattergood aids a run¬ 
away boy and gains a pardon for the 
child's convicted father. Guy Kibbee. 

3:15 0 Secret Storm—Serial 

Fenway's talk places Peter in a difficult 
position. Peter Hobbs. 

3:30 0 Petticoat Party—Games 

Frazier Thomas emcees the fun. (Guests 
invited. Write Petticoat Party, WBBM-TV.) 

0 0 On Your Account 
3:45 0 Movie Quick Quiz 

Dick "Two Ton" Baker emcees. 

3:55 0 News—Ulmer Turner 

4:00 0 Shopping With Miss Lee 
0 Beulah Donohue—Women 
0 Pinky Lee-Comedy, Games 
0 Home Theater-Film Feature 

"Joker's Wild." A practical joke can 
cause tragedy, but it rebounds on this 
joker. Raymond Burr and Onslow Stevens. 

© MOVIE—"Drifting West¬ 
ward"— A man searches for a map 
which will lead to a hidden and valuable 
mine. Jack Randall and Edna Duran. 

4:20 0 MOVIE—'Alias Billy the Kid' 

Western starring Sunset Carson, Peggy 
Stewart, and Tom London. 

4:30 0 0 Howdy Doody—Puppets 

Clarabelle the Clown amuses kiddies. 

0 Garfield Goose and Friend 

"King" Garfield and Frazier Thomas. 

4:55 0 News-Les Nichols 
5:00 0 Gretchen Colnik—Tips 

0 Elmer The Elephant—Kids 

John Conrad and the elephant. 

0 Jolly Seven Gang—Kids 

Joe Kelly with cartoons. 

0 Bob Atcher Show—Kids 
5:15 0 Museum Explorer—Exhibits 
5:30 0 Gene Autry Time—Film 

Gene in a Western adventure. 

0 Foreman Tom—Western 
0 Close-Up—Musical 

Howard Miller and June Valli. 

0 Tom Duggan—Sports 
0 News—Leslie Monypenny 
5:45 0 Bob And Ray—Satires 

Bob Elliot, Ray Goulding. 

0 Curbstone Cut Up—Chats 

Ernie Simon conducts interviews. 


6:00 0 Sports—Bob Elson 

0 Hot Shot Revue—Music 

A musical interlude. 

0 Weather—Clint Youle 
0 News—Austin Kiplinger 
0 Captain Video—Adventures 

Clipper Evans searches for the missing 

6:05 0 News—Jack Angell 
0 Sports—Jack Drees 



All time* are Chicago Daylight Saving Tie 

6:10 0 Sports—Joe Wilson 

0 Weather—Wayne Griffin 
6:15 0 News—Julian Bentley 
0 News—Paul Skinner 
© Dorsey Connors—Travel 

Dorsey takes viewers on a tour of the 
"English countryside." 

© News—John Daly 
Q Marge And Jeff—Comedy 
Marge Greene and Jeff Cain. 

6:20 © Alex Dreier—Features 
6:25 jl] Weather—Bill Carlsen 
© Tony Weitzel—Comments 

Gossip and chatter about Our Town. 

6:30 0 News—Douglas Edwards 
0 Sports Picture 
© Dinah Shore—Musical 

Dinah warbles hit tunes. 

0 Cavalcade Of America 

"Spindletop," by William Miller. Drama 
about the gusher that opened one of 
the biggest oil fields in Texas. 


Capt. Lucas .William Bishop 

Mrs. Lucas . , .Nancy Hale 

Tony Lucas .Richard Eyer 

Dr. Hayes .Richard Gaines 

Guffey .Stanley Andrews 

Galey .Burt Mustin 

0 News—Spencer Allen 
6:45 0 Jo Stafford Show—Music 

Tunes: "Walkin' My Baby Back Home/' 
"I Speak to the Stars," "Tea For Two/' 
"Come Rain or Come Shine." 

don’t miss 




Jack Webb 




s. In Standard Time areas, subtract one hour. 

© 0 News—John C. Swayze 
0 Chicagoland Newsreel 
7:00 0 GENE AUTRY-Drama 

"Narrow Escape." Gene attempts to solve 
the mysterious holdups of stages carry¬ 
ing silver bullion. 


Bob's guests are Dorothy Lamour and ac¬ 
tor Edmond O'Brien. Music by Les Brown 
and his Band of Renown. Dorothy dons 
a sarong when the "Road" leads Bob 
and her to the South Seas. The two 
sing appropriate duets. This is Edmond 
O'Brien's first appearance with Bob 

0 STU ERWIN-Comedy 

Comedy with Stu, June Collyer. 


Sammy and Dora toss aside the plans 
their parents have for them. It's spring 
and they have their own ideas about the 
future. Tom Taylor and Pat Breslin por¬ 
tray Sammy and Dora. Molly is Gertrude 
Berg. (Molly's son produces the show. 
Story on page 11.) 

7:30 0 RED SKELTON-Comedy 

Freddie the Freeloader goes to the base¬ 
ball game, where Tom Harmon, former 
Michigan All-American, turns up. Then 
Red plays a prince visiting the court of 
King Arthur. 


Dr. Bergen Evans and guest. Dr. Clar¬ 
ence Overbeck, physicist at Northwestern 
University, discuss "How Electricity is 

0 CAPTURED—Film Drama 

"Case of Fred Bagger" an ex-convict re¬ 
turns to his criminal ways immediately 
upon his release from prison. 

8:00 0 MEET MILME-Comedy 

Mama doesn't tell Millie that she has 
taken a job at a mountain resort to 
earn money for her daughter's vacation, 
but Millie goes to the hotel as a guest. 
Elena Verdugo, Florence Halop. 


M A Y 11 


"Fight Night." As a cop watches a fight 
on a bar-room TV set, he spots a wanted 
-murderer in the fight audience. He must 
phone the arena guards before the hood¬ 
lum leaves. 


McGraw ..Hugh Beaumont 

Blondie .Mary Beth Hughes 

Joe .Jack Daly 

Howie .Dick Reeves 

Bernie .Harry Lewis 


Danny and Margaret enjoy a second 
honeymoon in Atlantic City until another 
woman threatens their idyll. (Page 12 
says Jean Hagen's TV children are older.) 

0 BADGE 714-Drama 

"The Big Hate." Two elderly women are 
lulled in a hit and run accident at a busy 
intersection and Friday works on a single 
due. Jack Webb. Sponsored by Chicago 
Motor Club. 

8:30 0 SUSPENSE—Drama 

"Suspense" salutes "Armed Forces Day," 
with a "Tribute to the Navy." This is the 
true story of Navy Nurse Ann Bernatitus. 
Miss Bernatitus served on Bataan and 
Corregidor and was the first person to 
receive the new Legion of Merit. 


"Man Talk." A shy and lonely seamstress 
sets out to find the "right man," then, 
tries to make him propose. 


Miss Vanessa Bird .Enid Markey 

Edward Newhall .Gage Clarke 

Veronica ..L_.Belle Flower 

Madge Moorehead .Aileen Poe 

0U. S. STEEL HOUR-Drama 

"The End of Paul Dane." A jealous hus¬ 
band makes his wife fear for her life, 
until a psychiatrist tries to resolve the 
tense situation. 


Dr. Abbott . Robert Preston 

Margaret Swift .Teresa Wright 

Paul Dane . Warren Stevens 

Sponsored by U.S. Steel Corp. 



"People vs. Johnston." A criminal lawyer 
volunteers to defend his friend who is 
accused of murder. Paul Muni, Adele 

9:00 0 DANGER-Mystery 

"Outlaw's Boots." A western drama about 
a young man who plans to marry the 
sheriff's daughter. His outlaw brother 
appears and threatens to reveal the 
shady family background. 


The panel tries to judge the best new 
songs written by top professional com¬ 
posers. Fred Allen moderates. Bob Carroll 
and the Skylarks with Milton de Lugg's 
orchestra. This is the final show of the 
series. "Truth Or Consequences" will ap¬ 
pear next week at this time. Jack Bailey 
will emcee the program, which was 
originated by Ralph Edwards. (Page 8 
says "Judge For Yourself" has a stand-in 



TUESDAY * 8:30 PM 








The End of 
Paul Dane' 

Produced by the Theatre Guild 


</> a 

each weeknight, 10:15 to 10:30 pm 







channel 2 
singing sensations 

Lee Phillip 
Frank Smith 
and the WBBM-TV Orchestra 

11:30 pm 
with Fahey Flynn 

channel 2 WBBM-TV 

Chicago’s Showmanship Television Station 


M A Y 11 

Ail times ore Chicago Daylight Saving Time. In Standard Time areas, subtract one hour. 


"Merry Go Round." Herbert Marshall un¬ 
veils the life of Pierre Ranot, impoverish¬ 
ed Parisian painter. 

9:30 0 SEE IT NQW-News 

Edward R. Morrow presents an event of 
public interest. 


"An Eye For An Eye." 


"The Suspected." Pam and Jerry come to 
the aid of an elderly housekeeper who 
claims she's innocent of a murder charge. 
Barbara Britton and Richard Denning are 
starred as Mr. and Mrs. North. 


Panelists Joan Alexander and Gene Ray¬ 
burn attempt to guess the famous names 
of the guests. Robert Q. Lewis moderates. 


Philbrick bares another method of Com¬ 
munist sabotage when he leads the FBI 
to a pamphlet distribution project. Rich¬ 
ard Carlson. 

10:00 0 News—Fahey Flynn 

0 The World We Live In 
0 Weather—Clint Youle 
0 Life Of Riley—Comedy 

William Bendix stars as Riley. Sponsored 
by Household Finance Corp. 

0 MOVIE—"Green Promise" 

A farmer and his four motherless children 
face disaster because of the father's ob¬ 
stinacy. Marguerite Chapman and Walter 

10:10 0 Dorsey Connors—Ideos 

Ironing day tips. 

10:15 0 In Town Tonight—Variety 

Len Dresslar stars, Lee Phillip is femcee. 

0 News—Paul Skinner 
0 News—Jack Angell 
10:25 0 Weather—Bill Carisen 
10:30 0 News—John Harrington 
0 Mr. District Attorney 
David Brian as the D.A. 

0 Sports—Norman Barry 

0 The Visitor—Drama 

"Those Who Wait." Four men are 
trapped by a mine cave-in, and the 
wives who await them tell their poignant 

10:45 0 Irv Kupcinet—Comments 
0 Herbie Mintz—Musical 
11:00 0 Playhouse—Film Drama 

"Enchanted Evening." A happily married 
couple encounters trouble unlimited when 
their children lose some theater tickets 
that "the boss" was counting on. Eddie 
Albert and Margo. 

0 Paragon Playhouse—Drama 
0 Bowling—From Chicago 
0 News—Ulmer Turner 
11:05 0 Weather 
11:10 0 Your Lucky Star—Gossip 
11:15 0 Tom Duggan—Comments 
11:30 0 Late News 

0 MOVIE—"The Wooden 
Horse"— Four British P.O.W.'s escape 
from a German prison camp. Leo Genn. 

0 News—Les Nichols 
11:35 0 MOVIE—"The Gladiator" 

Comedy about a college aspirant who is 
forced out of a hospital to make room 
for the son of a benefactor. Joe E. Brown 
and June Travis. 

11:45 0 Weather—Carl Greyson 
12:00 0 MOVIE—"Waterfront" 

A reformed trouble maker reverts to his 
unscrupulous ways when his brother is 
murdered. Gloria Dickson and Dennis 

1:00 0 News—Tom Merc6in 



All times ore Chicago Daylight Saving Time. 


6:45 © Everett Mitchell—Talks 

Discussion for farmers. 

7:00 0 The Morning Show-Variety 

The show's cameras visit Pittsburgh for a 
bird's-eye view of the city. Lace fashion 
show. Roger "Droodles" Price. (Five min¬ 
utes of local news with Frank Reynolds 
at 7:25 and 7:55 A.M.) 

© QO Today-News, Interviews 

News, views, and interviews with Dave 
Garroway. (Five minutes of local news 
with Len O'Connor at 7:25, 7:55, 8:25, 
8:55 A.M.) 

0 Chicago Parade—Variety 

Music, news, weather, and time. 

8:00 0 Breakfast Club-Don McNeill 

Fran Allison, Sam Cowling, Eileen Parker. 

8:25 0 News-John Harrington 
8:30 0 The Morning Show—Cont'd 
8:45 0 News—Bruce Macfarlane 
8:55 0 News—Jim Conway 
9:00 0 Godfrey And Friends 
Fun with all the "little Godfreys." 

© 0 Ding Dong School 

Nursery with Dr. Frances Horwich. 

o Beulah Karney Presents 

Recipes and ideas for women. 

© Paul Fogarty—Exercises 

"Contour Confidential." 

9:30 © 0 One Man's Family-Serial 

Paul tries to straighten out Hazel. 

0 Pied Piper Show—Kids 

Art Hern narrates cartoons. 

0 Time For Stories 

Tina Redmond reads to youngsters. 

9:45 © 0 Three Steps To Heaven 

Diana Douglas stars, as Poco with Mark 
Roberts as Bill Morgan. 

10:00 © 0 Home—For Women 

A lesson in self-defense for women. Dem¬ 
onstration of easy but unusual salad 

0 Play House—Kiddies 

Angel Casey is hostess. 

M A Y 12 

In Standard Time areas, subtract one hour. 

0 A To Z Of Cookery-Tips 

"Maytime—bridal luncheon." 

10:30 ©Strike It Rich—Quiz 

Warren Hull emcees the "quiz with a 

0 Studio B For Bartlett 

Tommy Bartlett and guest personalities. 

10:55 0 News—Ulmer Turner 
0 News—Steve Fentress 
11:00 0 Valiant Lady—Serial 

• Helen Emerson, a recent widow, strives 
to raise her three children to be solid 
citizens, against the odds of financial 
stress and youthful temperament. 

0 Gordon Thomas—Variety 
© Bride and Groom-Wedding 

Dorothy Ann Estes marries Robert Lee 
Littleton, both of Dickson, Tennessee. 

0 Danny O'Neil Show 

Music by Chet Roble and Nancy Wright. 

0 Ernie Simon—Four To Go 

Quiz game. (Guests invited to WGN-TV.) 

11:15 0 Love Of Life-Serial 

The story of Vanessa Dale, her black- 
sheep sister Meg Harper, and Meg's son 

© Hawkins Falls—Serial 

Television novel about life in an American 
town. Bernadine Flynn, Win Strack, Jim 
Bannon, Ros Twohey, and Maurice Cope¬ 
land are featured. 

11:30 0 Search For Tomorrow 

Walsh asks Marge on the phone to get 
Jo out of town for the day. 

© Betty White Show 

Music by Frank De Vol and his orchestra. 

0 Earl Nightingale—Chats 

Talks on topics of interest. 

11:45 0 Guiding Light—Serial 

Peggy still waits to hear from Dan Peters. 

0 Charm Salon—Beauty 

Hostess Patricia Stevens demonstrates 
hair styles and how to set home per¬ 

11:55 0 News—Ulmer Turner 

A look at the headlines. 

0 News—Steve Fentress 



12:00 0 Brighter Day—Serial 

Althea runs away from her home. 

QD Whgt's New In The Kitchen 
0 Noontime Comics—Kids 

Johnny Coons entertains the kids. 

0 Happy Pirates—Kids' Fun 

Two-Ton Baker and Art Hern. 

0 Hi Ladies—Interviews 

Mike Douglas emcees. 

12:15 0 Portia Faces Life—Serial 

Kathy tells Portia that she wants to find 
a job. 

12:30 0 Garry Moore—Variety 

"Jennifer Adams," Garry's fan, drops in. 
Inventor-cartoonist Rube Goldberg visits. 
Song productions are: "I'm An Indian, 
Too," featuring Denise, and "I Don't 
Really Want to Know," by Ken. 

0 Bob And Kay—Chatter 

Kay Westfall and Bob Murphy. 

12:45 GO Let's Look At The News 
O Dr. Preston Bradley—Talks 

Philosophical and topical subjects. 

12:55 0 News—Ulmer Turner 

Midday headlines. 

0 News—Steve Fentress 
1:00 0 Double Or Nothing—Quiz 

Bert Parks emcees quiz game. 

0 Bob Heiss—Interviews 

Talks with the "man next door." 

0 Francois Pope—Recipes 
0 Ruth Crowley—Baby Care 

Tips for mothers. 

0 Batting Practice—Warm-up 

Jack Brickhouse with comments. 

1:10 0 Lead Off Man—Interviews 

Vince Lloyd interviews players. 

1:15 ©The Doctor's Answer—Talk 

Elizabeth Hart conducts discussion, with 
Drs. W. W. Bauer and William Bolton. 

1:30 0 Linkletter's Houseparty 

Art announces the grand prize winner 
of the program's sweepstakes contest. 

0 Swingalong—Musical 

Music by Kenny Bowers. 

0 BASEBALL—Sox vs. Boston 

From Comiskey Park. 

Are The Cubs Worth It? . .. 

IT’S time Ralph Kiner, zealous National 
* League player-representative, took 
off his blinkers. After almost forfeiting 
baseball’s pension plan last winter, the 
expensive Cub outfielder served notice 
that the Cubs must be paid a minimum 
$100 fee for TV appearances. And it put 
Kiner in line for an award of some sort 
for sheer gall and punk public relations. 

In his zest for greenbacks, Kiner has 
forgotten that his 
fat pay checks are 
due to the free pub¬ 
licity accorded him 
by radio, TV and the 
press. Where would 
the Cubs be today if 
Kiner newspapers and 

airwaves stopped 
covering their antics on the diamond? 

Kiner and the Cubs would be wise to 
take their cues from show folks. These 
entertainers, many of whom are more 
important than Kiner, wisely capitalize 
on free publicity—knowing it will even¬ 
tually increase their demand and in¬ 

Conversely, Chicago sportscasters 
should charge the brassy Bruins a fee 
any time that Cub publicitor Cliffe Jaffe 
calls to have one of his Cubs appear as 
a guest. 

We, frankly , do not feel that the Cubs 
are worth $100. 

Most severely hit by this edict are 
Bob Elson, Jack Drees, Jack Brickhouse 
and Norm Barry. How do they feel 
about it? Can their sponsors absorb the 
cost? We’ll have more on the subject 
next week. 



M A Y 12 

All times are Chicago Daylight Saving Time. In Standard Time areas, subtract one hour. 

1 :55 0 Weather—Bill Carlsen 
2:00 0 Big Payoff—Quiz Game 

Bess Myerson, Randy Merriman, hosts. 

© [2 Kate Smith—Variety 

(1) Alene Dalton, the Story Princess. 

(2) Boy-and-girl musical sketch. (3) 
Dorothy Day emcees a fashion show. 
(4) Kate and the band. 

0 Midweek Cooking School 

Mary Martinsen with kitchen hints, va¬ 
riety, and chatter. 

2:30 0 Bob Crosby—Musical 

Tunes: "Happy Wanderer," "Kitten in 
the Basket," "Answer Me, My Love," 
"Oh, How I Love You," "Over the Rain¬ 

3:00 0 Woman With A Past-Serial 

Sylvia and Craig agree to a divorce. 

0 0 Welcome Travelers 

Tommy Bartlett interviews Chicago vis¬ 
itors. (Guests invited. Write WNBQ, Chgo.) 

0 Jerry Lester Show—Variety 

Tonight see 

"The Stake 

on the famous 


Telecast live from New York 

Tonight’s living theatre presents a 
tense drama of frontier days—a gal¬ 
lant lieutenant must rusk himself to 
save the life of a desperate criminal, 
whose wife he loves. 

NBC 8:00 P.M. WNBQ Channel 5 

REMEMBER-Anotherfine Kraft 
play tomorrow night on ABC 

3:15 0 Secret Storm—Serial 

Jane wins Amy to her side. Jada 

3:30 0 Petticoat Party—Games 

Frazier Thomas emcees the fun. (Guests 
invited. Write Petticoat Party, WBBM-TV.) 

0 0 On Your Account 

Win Elliot emcees. 

3:45 0 Tenth Inning—Interviews 

Vince Lloyd interviews fans. 

3:55 0 News—Ulmer Turner 
4:00 0 Shopping With Miss Lee 

Lee Phi.lip with shopping tips. 

0 Beulah Donohue—Women 

Homemaking ideas for women. 

0 Pinky Lee—Comedy 
0 Home Theater—Drama 

"The Quiet Lions." Melvyn Douglas stars. 

0 Movie Quick Quiz 

Dick "Two-Ton" Baker emcees. 

4:15 0 Trail Blazers Theater 

Western adventure stories. 

4:20 0 MOViE-'Pride of the Plains' 

Rustlers attempt to have the protecto¬ 
rate law governing a wild horse site 
repealed in order to slaughter horses 
for illegal gain. Bob Livingston and 
Nancy Gay. 

4:30 © 0 Howdy Doody—Puppets 

Bob Smith emcees the fun. 

0 Garfield Goose and Friend 

"King" Garfield and Frazier Thomas. 

4:55 0 News—Les Nichols 
5:00 0 Your Librqry Story—Tale 

Stories for children. 

© Elmer The Elephant—Kids 

John Conrad entertains. 

0 Jolly Seven Gang—Kids 

Joe Kelly with cartoons for the kids. 

0 Bob Atcher Show-Kids 

Western stories and songs. 

5:15 0 Let's Experiment—Science 
5:30 0 Gene Autry Time—Film 
0 Foreman Tom—Western 
0 Close-Up—Musical 

Howard Miller, June Valli, and the Art 
Van D~mme Quintette. 

0 Sports—Tom Duggan 


M A Y 12 

O News—Leslie Monypenny 
5:45 © Bob And Ray—Satires 

Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding. 

0 Curbstone Cut Up—Chats 

Ernie Simon conducts interviews. 


6:00 0 Sports—Bob Elson 

0 Hot Shot Revue—Musical 
© Weather—Clint Youie 
© News—Austin Kiplinger 
© Captain Video—Adventures 

The Rangers deliver the president to 
Clipper Evans. 

6:05 0 News—Jack Angel I 
© Sports—Jack Drees 
6:10 © Sports—Joe Wilson 

© Weather—Wayne Griffin 
6:15 © News—Julian Bentley 
0 News—Paul Skinner 
© Dorsey Connors—Travel 

Talk and views of "Sicily and Malta." 
© News—John Daly 
© Marge And Jeff—Comedy 

Marge Greene and Jeff Cain star in do¬ 
mestic comedy situations. 

6:20 © Alex Dreier—Features 
6:25 0 Weather—Bill Carlsen 

© Tony Weitzel—Comments 

Gossip and chatter in Our Town. 

6:30 0 News—Douglas Edwards 
0 Sports Picture 
© Eddie Fisher—Musical 

Eddie presents an "Armed Forces Sa¬ 
lute." The Fort Dix Choir is his guest. 

© Mark Saber—Mystery 

"The Case of the Missing Bride." A man 
comes home to find his wife gone and 
strangers living in his house. A murder 
brings Inspector Saber (Tom Conway) to 
the scene. 

0 News—Spencer Allen 
6:45 © Perry Como—Musical 

Top tunes of the week with Perry, the 
Fontane Sisters, Ray Charles Chorus, and 
Mitchell Ayres' orchestra. 

© 0 News—John C. Swayze 
© Chicagoland Newsreel 

Local news on film. 


Variety show with Arthur Godfrey, Frank 
Parker, Marion Marlowe, Lu Ann Simms, 
Haieloke, Tony Marvin, Janette Dayis, 
the Mariners and the McGuire Sisters. 


"Talent Scout." Eager-beaver Joan is 
talked into an acting job by a talent 
scout. Two slight drawbacks: (1) A 
chimpanzee is one of the performers. 
(2) Her hubby the judge is at work on 
a talent-scout racket. Joan Davis is 
Joan, Jim Backus the judge. (Film) 

© MOVIE—Feature Film 
© TV SHOWCASE-Film Drama 

"Filmdom Fabulous Boulevard." A tour 
along the fabulous mile. Jeanne Grey. 


"Margie and the Shah." Margie wants 
to help her dad get his old college 
friend, the Shah of Zena, as a client. 
So she dupes Freddie Wilson into 
smuggling her into his harem. Gale 
Storm as Margie, and featuring Charles 
Farrell as Vern, her TV father, 

© MOVIE—"Queen of the 

Amazons"— A young girl falls in love 
v/ith her guide while on a safari in the 
jungle. Patricia Morison and Robert 

8:00 0 STRIKE IT RICH-Quiz 

Warren Hull emcees "quiz with a heart." 


John Baragrey stars as Lt. Cannon in 
"The Stake," by George Lefferts. On the 
old frontier an army officer faces a 
tough decision: Whether to endanger his 
men to save a condemned man. Besides, 
the man is the husband of the woman 
he loves. Sponsored by Kraft Foods Co. 

© TV THEATER-Film Drama 
8:30 0 I'VE GOT A SECRET—Panel 

Emcee Garry Moore with panelists Henry 
Morgan, Polly Bergen, Bill Cullen, and 
Jane Meadows. (Garry tests the ques¬ 
tions on a panel to see if they're too 
risque or too dull. Details on page 8.) 




Con Sinatra "come back" in TV? 

Read the story behind Frankie's 
TV troubles. 

Also ... TV’s All-Seeing Eye 

AH times are Chicago Daylight Saving Time. 
In Standard Time areas, subtract one hour. 


Host Bobby Sherwood introduces singer 
Betty Modigan, dancers Rain Winslow & 
Peter Conlow, and the Glenn Miller Air 
force Band. 

9:00 0 BOXING—Wash., D. C. 

Bill Gilliam vs. Coley Wallace, heavy¬ 
weights, 10 rounds. Russ Hodges reports 
from Washington, O.C. 


Rated B W L D KO's 

Gilliam .unrated 49 31 16 2 10 

Wallace .unrated 22 19 3 0 15 

This is a return match of last winter's 
TV thriller, that saw Wallace, on his way 
to defeat, pull the bout out with a knock¬ 
out. Both are big boys scaling over 200 
lbs. Coley will be concentrating on the 
chin; Gilliam on the body. 

Compiled by Nat Fleischer (The fling). 


Ralph Edwards presents a life story. 

0 WRESTLING-From Rainbo 

Wayne Griffin announces the matches. 


Opening medley from The Wizard of 
Oz. Chorus: "We're Off to See the Wiz¬ 
ard." Orchestra: "Ding Dong, the Witch 
is Dead." Soprano and Chorus: "Over 
the Rainbow." Closing medley by Har¬ 
old Arlen. "I've Got the World on a 
String." Mike Douglas. "Stormy Weath¬ 
er," Jackie Van. "The Eagle and Me," 
Henry Noel and chorus. "Come Rain or 
Come Shine," orchestra. "Let's Fall in 
Love," soprano and chorus. "Let's Take 
a Walk Around the Block," Jackie Van 
and Mike Douglas. Finale: "I Love a 


"Dividing Line." When a sack containing 
$40,000 in gold turns up in a small 
Midwest town a dozen "honest" citizens 
come forth tp claim it, resulting in a 
merry comic mix-up. Adolphe Menjou 
narrates, Russ Conway stars. 



M A Y 12 

9:45 0 SPORTS—Mel Allen 

Discussion and commentary. 

10:00 0 News—Fahey Flynn 

Roundup of news headlines. 

0 Milwaukee Newsreel 
© Weather—Clint Youie 
0 Double Date—Film Dramas 

(1) "The Cure." A gambler wins his girl 
by desperate measures. Todd Korns and 
Barbara Billingsley. (2) "Mother's Mu¬ 
tiny." When a dour and forbidding farm¬ 
er puts his cows ahead of his daughter, 
mother's merry mutiny begins. Virginia 
Muller and George Pembroke. 

© MOVIE—"Carnegie Hail" 

The son of an Irish girl employed at 
Carnegie Hall grows up to make his 
debut on its stage. Marsha Hunt, William 
Prince, Lily Pons, Rise Stevens, Artur 
Rubinstein, and Ezio Pinza. 

10:10 ©Dorsey Connors—Ideas 

"Picnic possibilities." 

10:15 0 in Town Tonight—Variety 

Len Dressiar stars with Miss Lee Phillip 
as femcee. Merelyn Tate, The King's Jes¬ 
ters and Frank Smith's orchestra. 

GO News—Bob Kelly 
© News—Jack Angell 

Latest news events. 

10:25 GO Weather—Bill Carlsen 
10:30 0 News—John Harrington 
@ Mr. & Mrs. North—Drama 

Barbara Britton and Richard Denning star 
as Pam and Jerry North. 

© Sports—Norman Barry 
10:45© I rv Kupcinet—Comments 
© Herbie Mintz—Musical 

Melodies of yesteryear. 

11:00 0 Wrestling-Film 

0 Racket Squad—Film Drama 

Reed Hadley stars as Captain Braddock. 

© MO VIE-'Her Panelled Door* 

A woman finds herself in a hospital after 
an cir raid, a victim of amnesia. Richard 
Burton and Phylis Crlvert. Sponsored by 
Bankers Life & Casualty Co. 

0 News—Ulmer Turner 
11:05 0 Weather 
11:10 0 Your Lucky Star—Gossip 

Ann Marsters with Hollywood chatter. 


11:15 0 Tom Duggan—Comments 

Gossip and interviews. 

11:30 0 News 

0 MOVIE-'Rosie The Riveter* 

Four warplant workers are forced to live 
in one room because of the housing 
shortage, two men living there at certain 
hours and two girls at another. 

© News—Les Nichols 
11:35 0 MOVIE-"Flesh and Blood" 

A young doctor sees his sister die giving 
birth to his best friend's child. Richard 
Todd and Joan Greenwood. 

11:45 © Weather—Carl Greyson 
12:00 0 MOVIE—"Shake Hands with 
Murder"— A girl and young man, part¬ 
ners in a bail bond business, become in¬ 
volved in murder. 

1:00 0 News—Tom Mercein 
1:05 0 MOVIE—"The Lady And The 
Monster**—A scientist is conducting re¬ 
search on keeping the brain alive after 
death. Vera Hruba Ralston. 




WEDNESDAY-11:00 P.M.-WNBQ (5) 

HER PANELLED DOOR — Richard Burton, 
Phyllis Calvert, Edward Underdown. A wom¬ 
an, the victim of amnesia, escapes from a 
hospital and marries a flyer. He is killed 
soon after. Her first husband finds her and 
she returns to him. After many emotional 
conflicts she regains her memory and former 
way of life. 

x see listings for fuller details 

Sponsored by 



s o 

lr N 

c Yi 


Danny O’Neil Show 


Danny O'Neil 

Nancy Wright 

Prairie Ramblers 

Monday thru Friday 

Chet Roble 

11:00 a.ttt. 








All times ore Chicago Daylight Saving Tir 


6:45 0 Everett Mitcheti—Talks 
7:00 0 The Morning Show-Variety 

Walter Cronklte emcees with variety pro¬ 
vided by Bit and Cora Baird and their 
marionettes. (Five minutes of local news 
with Frank Reynolds at 7:25, 7:55 A.M.) 

0 GO Today-News, Interviews 

Dave highlights a baby-carriage fashion 
show. (Five minutes of local news with 
Len O'Connor at 7:25, 7:55, 8:25, 8:55.) 

0 Chicago Parade—Variety 

Chu k Bill emcees, with music, weather. 

8:00 0 Breakfast Club-Don McNeill 

Fran Allison, Sam Cowling, Eileen Parker. 

8:25 0 News-iohn Harrington 
8-.30 0 The Morning Show—Cont'd 
8:45 © News—Bruce Macfarlane 
8:55 0 News—Jim Conway 
9:00 0 Godfrey And Friends 
0 0 Ding Dong School 

Nursery with Dr. Frances Horwich. 

0 Beulah Karney Presents 
© Paul Fogarty—Exercises 
9:30 0 0 One Man's Family-Serial 

Young brother Jack, too, feels resentful 
of Claudia and Johnny. 

0 Pied Piper Show—Kids 
© Time For Stories 

Tina Redmond tells stories to the kid*. 

9:45 © 0 Three Steps To Heaven 

Poco gets startling news in a letter from 
Uncle Frank. 

10.00 0 0 Home—For Women 

Premiere of a regular Thursday feature, 
an historical theme. Today, the Revolu¬ 
tionary War period. "Home" recreates 
the life and times of this era, in an hour 
long program. 

0 Play House—Kiddies 

Angel Casey emcees. 

© A To Z Of Cookery—Tips 

"Calorie Counter"—Diet Dinner. 

10:30 ©Strike It Rich-Quiz 

Warren Hull emcees. 

0 Studio B For Bartlett 

Tommy Bartlett with a guest personality. 

s. )n Standard Time areas, subtract one hour. 

10:55 0 News—Ulmer Turner 
© News—Steve Fentress 

latest news headlines. 

1 1:00 0 Valiant Lady—Serial 

0 Gordon Thomas—Variety 
© Bride and Groom-Wedding 

Helen Catherine Rogers marries Earl Eu¬ 
gene Edwards, both of Fort Worth, Texas. 

0 Danny O'Neil—Variety 

Music, games and interviews. 

© Ernie Simon—Four To Go 

Quiz game. (Guests invited. Write WGN- 
TV for tickets.) 

11:15 0 Love Of Life-Serial 
0 Hawkins Falls—Serial 
11:30 © Search For Tomorrow 

Hazel tells Higbee everything has blown 
up. Mary Patton. 

0 Betty White—Chatter 

Music by Frank De Vol's orchestra. 

© Earl Nightingale—Chats 
11:45 0 Guiding Light—Serial 

Bill Bauer returns home. 

11:55 0 News—Ulmer Turner 
© News—Steve Fentress 


12:00 0 Brighter Day—Serial 

The family waits for news of Althea. 

0 What's New In The Kitchen 
© Noontime Comics—Kids 

Johnny Coons entertains the kids. 

0 Happy Pirates—Kids' Fun 

Two-Ton Baker and Art Hern. 

© Hi Ladies—Interviews 

Mike Douglas emcees. 

12:15 0 Portia Faces Life—Serial 

Phoebe Farraday (Sally Gracie) warns 
Kathy that Morgan Elliott (Byron Sanders) 
is interested in more than just the money 
she owes to him. 

12:30 0 Garry Moore—Variety 

Steve interviews the wives of two fa¬ 
mous baseball players, who are Denise 
Lor and Durward Kirby. Comedian-ven¬ 
triloquist Jay Marshall visits the crew. 

© Bob And Kay—Chatter 

Kay Westfall and Bob Murphy. 



AH timet ore Chicago Daylight Saving Tin 

12:45 0 Let's Look At The News 
© Dr. Preston Bradley—Talk 

Philosophical and topical subjects. 

12:55 © News—Ulmer Turner 
Q News—Steve Fentress 
1:00 0 Bob Heiss—Interviews 
© Francois Pope—Recipes 

Date bars; zucchini squash; baked stuffed 
beef flank steak. 

© Ruth Crowley—Baby Care 
© Batting Practice—Warm-Up 
1:10 ©Lead Off Man—Interviews 

Vince Lloyd interviews players. 

1:15 © The Doctor's Answer—Talk 

Elizabeth Hart conducts discussion. 

1:30 © Linkletter's Houseparty 

Guest: Esquire's Rembrandt of the fe¬ 
male form, Alberto Varga. 

© Swingalong—Musical 

Jimmy Lee is featured. 

© Baseball—Sox vs. Phila. 

From Comiskey Park. 

1:45 © Commercial 
1x55 0 News 

2:00 © Big Payoff—Quiz Game 

Bess Myerson and Randy Merriman. 

© GO Kate Smith—Variety 

(1) The Three Suns, vocal trio. (2) Charlie 
Ruggles and "The World of Mr. Sween¬ 
ey." (3) The Three Suns. (4) America 

© Claude Kirchner—Variety 
2:30 © Bob Crosby—Musical 

Tunes: " 'S' Wonderful," "Man Upstairs," 
"Make Love to Me," "The Law is Com¬ 
ing for You, Paw," "Can't You Hear Me 
Callin', Caroline?" 

© Stuart jBrent—Discussion 
2:45 © News—Austin Kiplinger 
3:00 © Woman With A Past-Serial 

An anary Jerry confronts Steve and Lynn. 

© 0 Welcome Travelers 

Tommy Bartlett interviews Chicago visi¬ 
tors. (Guests invited. Write to Guest Re¬ 
lations, WNBQ, Chicago.) 

© Jerry Lester Show—Variety 
3:15 ©Secret Storm—Serial 

Pauline promises Fenway that Jane will 
be defeated. 

>. In Standard Time areas, subtract one hour. 

3:30 © Petticoat Party—Games 

Frazier Thomas emcees games. (Guests 
invited. Write Petticoat Party, WBBM-TV.) 

© 0 On Your Account 
3:45 © Tenth Inning—Interviews 
3:55 © News—Ulmer Turner 
4:00 © Shopping With Miss Lee 

Lee Phillip with shopping tips. 

0 Beulah Donohue—Wom^n 
© Pinky Lee—Comedy 
© Home Theater-Film Fee. .* 

"Unwritten Column." A successful Hi- 
tician wants to get rid of his old home¬ 
town secretary. Virginia Farmer and Ed¬ 
ward Earl. 

© Movie Quick Quiz—Game 

Dick "Two Ton" B^ker emcees. 

4:15 ©Trail Blazers Theater 
4:20 © Movie—"Desert Bandit" 

A corporal impersonates a discharged 
ranger in order to unearth the ramifica¬ 
tions of a gun running gang. Don Barry, 
Lynn Herrick, and William Heads. 

4:30 © 0 Howdy Doody—Puppets 

Bob Smith and old films. 

© Garfield Goose and Friend 

"Ki-'r?" Garfie-d aid Frazier Thomas. 

4:55 © News—Les Nichols 
5:00 0 Gretchen Coinik—Tips 

© Elmer The Elephant—Kids 

John Conrad entertains the kids. 

© Jolly Seven Gang—Kids 

Joe Kelly and the Robot. 

© Talent Tots—Variety 

Connie Baxter and the Starnoters. 

5:15 0 Little Amateurs—Talent 
5:30 © Gene Autry Time—Film 
0 Foreman Tom—Western 
© Close-Up—Musical 

Howcrd Miller, June Valli, and the Art 
Van Damme Quintet. 

© Tom Duggan—Sports 
© News—Leslie Monypenny 
5:45 © Bob And Ray—Satires 

Comedy with Bob Elliot, Ray Goulding. 

© Curbstone Cut Up—Chats 

Ernie Simon conducts interviews. 


MAY 13 


6:00 0 Sports—Bob Eison 

0 Hot Shot Revue—Musical 
© Weather—Clint Youle 
0 News—Austin Kiplinger 
© Captain Video—Adventures 
Both searching parties are attacked by 
Odin savages. 

6:05 © News—Jack Angeil 
O Sports—Jack Drees 
6:10 © Sports—Joe Wilson 

o Weather—Wayne Griffin 
e r > 0 News—Julian Bentley 
P; 0 News—Paul Skinner - * 

© Dorsey Connors—Travel 

"Adirondacks, New York State." 

Q News—John Daly 
© Marge And Jeff—Comedy 
Marge Greene and Jeff Cain. 

6:20 © Alex Dreier—Features 
6:25 0 Weather—Bill Carlsen 

© Tony Weitzel—Comments 
6:30 0 News—Douglas Edwards 
0 Sports Picture 
© Dinah Shore—Musical 
© Lone Ranger—Western 

"The Brown Pony." Two escaped prisoners 
force a poor widow to pay cash for proof 
that her husband is an innocent man. 

© News—Spencer Alien 
6:45 0 Jane Froman—Musical 

The setting is an inn in a Swiss village. 
Tunes: "It's a Grand Night for Singing/' 
"Young at Heart," "I Told Every Little 
Star," "Wunderbar," "I Love Louisa." 
Peter Birch, as the Burgomaster, emcees. 
© 0 News—John C. Swayze 
© Chicagoland Newsreel 

The bothered professor plans a quiet 
evening at home by the fireplace. But 
the fireplace refuses to cooperate, and 
fills the room with smoke. Neighbor Pete 
offers some unwelcome help. Prof. Mc- 
Nutley: Ray Milland. Pete: Gordon Jones. 


Audience participation quiz, "You Bet 
Your Life," punctuated by Groucho's 

OF Y I—News Features 

Austin Kiplinger moderates a panel dis¬ 
cussion of a feature news story of the 


Building a home, with Ken Nordine. 


"Welcome Home." A killer running from 
the police returns to his home town and 
visits his parents for the first time in many 
years. They turn him away. 


Eddie White , 
Chuck Stern . 

Mr. Stern . 

Alice . 

Mrs. White ... 
Mr. White . 

Sponsored by Parker Pen Co. 

.Dick Powell 

.David Holt 

...Howard McNear 

.Claire Carleton 

.Maudie Prickett 

...Herbert Heyes 


8:30 P. M. 

'Tl/ C'cuu&ia 



Chicago TV’s Top 
Male Vocalist 


Featuring Chicago's 
Finest Amateur Talent 



(0 DOC X -H 


M A Y 13 

All times are Chicago Daylight Saving Time. Ir 


"life With Elizabeth," starring Betty 
White and Del Moore. 

0 JUSTICE—Drama 

"Hit and Run," by Earl Hamner, Jr. A 
driver leaves the scene of an auto ac¬ 
cident, then thinks better of it, and goes 
to the Legal Aid Society for help. Betty 
Field and E. G. Marshall. 


Ray's understudy begs Ray for a chance 
to go on so he can impress his girl 
friend. Ray grants the favor, but there 
are some surprises. Charlie Smith. 

8:00 0 VIDEO THEATER-Drama 

Ann Harding and Gene Lockhart co-star 
in "The Queen's English." A spinsterish 
school teacher shows her mettle when 
the school board pressures her to pass 
one of her flunking students, the son 
of a wealthy banker. Ann Harding and 
Gene Lockhart. 

Tonight on 4-Star Playhouse 

Dick. Powell 


WBBM-TV (2) • 7:30 



WNBQ • Ch. 5 • 8:30 P.M. 

Standard Time areas, subtract one hour. 

0 0 DRAGNET-Police Drama 

A druggist has been beaten and robbed. 
But he says his life and his family have 
been threatened, and he refuses to give 
information. Jack Webb. 

0 OPEN HEARING-Discussion 

John Daly presents a live and filmed 
documentary of week's news. 

REVIEW— "Preserving Our Wood Re¬ 
sources." To avoid a critical shortage 
in our supply of wood scientists are 
working on methods of making wood 
last longer. 

1:30 0 BIG TOWN-Drama 

A police captain believes a teen-age 
bandit is his own stepson. Steve assists 
the eaptain. Pat McVey, Beverly Tyler. 


"Wonderful Day for a Wedding." It's a 
oomedy about a bride-to-be who 
changes her mind on her wedding day. 
Accordingly, the groom parks himself 
and furniture on the sidewalk outside 
her apartment and appeals for help to 
the passersby. (Film) 


Wade Roberts. Scott Brady 

Susan Farrington.Joan Leslie 

Serene Crane.Rita Moreno 

Aunt Cordelia.Spring Byington 

Bill Quinn..Casey Adams 

Sponsored by Ford Dealers of America. 


"The Worried Songbirds,' by Greer 
Johnson. Two small-town spinsters are 
gospel singers. They record a hymn, the 
record's a hit, and they're catapulted 
into the Broadway whirl. 


Wygelia ..Carmen Mathews 

Noreen ..Mildred Dunnock 

Roy ....:.Bill Sheidy 

Hazel .Enid Pulver 

Nettie Mae .Ruth McDevitt 

Oscar ....lHarry Clark 

Roscoe Edgar .David Winters 

Pippin ...Bernie West 

Sponsored by Kraft Foods Co. 



Singing emcee Mike Douglas, Bob 
Trendler, and the Starnoters, present 
talented amateurs. Auditions are held 
each Tuesday evening at 6:30 in Studio 
5-A of the Tribune Tower. „ 


"Let Justice Be Done," A youth kills a 
policeman in a liquor-store hold-up. 
Public Defender Bart Matthews attempts 
to save him from the death sentence. 
Reed Hadley, Skip Homeier. 

0 0 MARTIN KANE—Drama 

Kane has only three clues to find a 
double killer: his name is Tom; he wears 
an 11-A shoe; and he shreds paper 
when he doodles. Mark Stevens, King 
Colder. (See story on page 15.) 


"Coals of Fire." A young girl tries to 
change her miserly father into a gener¬ 
ous man. Carol Thurston. 

9:30 0 PLACE THE FACE-Quiz 

Richard Carlsen as Herbert Philbrick. 


Don Herbert and panel. 

LAND YARD-Police Drama 

Colonel March visits the estate of a late 
scientist and finds that the 12 year old 
son of the dead man is trying to kill his 
mother's fiance. Boris Karloff. 

10:00 0 News—Fahey Flynn 
0 Play Ball—Quiz 
© Weather—Clint Youle 
0 Waterfront—Film Drama 
'Tailor Made Trouble." When Earl, the 
nephew of Captain John's friend the 
tailor, tries to blackmail the owner of a 
gambling ship, John comes into the 
picture. Preston Foster. 

0 MOYIE—'Her Sister's Secret' 

An unwed mother allows her sister to 
raise the baby to avoid scandal. 

10:10 ©Dorsey Connors—Ideas 

"Canning Capers." 


another great play for 
the whole family on the 



"The Worried 

Telecast live from New York 

A charming Spring fantasy of two 
small town gospel singers who bring 
"old-time religion” to Broadway 
through a successful recording of 
their favorite revival hymn. 

ABC 8:30 P.M. 

WBKB Channel"] 

Remember—Another fine Kraft play 
next Wednesday on NBC. 






55 E. Washington STate 2-3322 

near north 

454 W. North Ave. Michigan 2-7100 


4740 N. Broadway LOngbeach 1-2250 

3546 N. Ashland Ave. GRaceland 7-2844 

1139 W. Wilson Ave. LOngbeach 1-0002 

3233 N. Harlem Ave. MUIberry 5-1213 

2874 N. Milwaukee HUmboldt 9-0700 

western suburbs 

6801 Roosevelt STanley 8-8887 



1153 E. 82nd St. SOuth Shore 8-9282 


8158 S. Eberhart Ave Midway 3-9111 

1977 E. 73rd St. NOrmal 7-0126 

M A Y 13 

All times are Chicago Daylight Saving Time. 

In Standard Time areas, subtract one hour. 

10:15 0 In Town Tonight-Variety 

Lee Phillip with Len Dressiar, Merelyn 
Tate, The King's Jesters, and Frank 
Smith and his orchestra. 

0 News 

0 News—Jack Angell 
10:25 0 Weather—Bill Carlsen 
10:30 0 News—John Harrington 
0 Meet Mr. McNutley 
© Sports—Norman Barry 
0 Hollywood Off Beat-Drama 

"A Question of Truth." Melvyn Douglas. 

10:45 0 Irv Kupcinet—Comments 
0 Herbie Mintz—Musical 
11:00 0 Playhouse—Film Drama 

"So Help Me." A candid and curvacious 
night club entertainer tells the million¬ 
aire who wants to marry her that he is 
not the first man in her life. 

0 Your Hit Parade—Music 
0 Harness Racing—Maywood 
0 News—Ulmer Turner 
0 MOVIE—"The Challenge" 

A personal conflict between two moun¬ 
tain climbers adds suspense in a race 
to reach the top of the Matterhorn. 

1 1:05 0 Weather 
11:10 0 Your Lucky Star—Gossip 
11:15 0 Tom Duggan—Comments 
1 1:30 0 News 

0 MOVIE—"Double Identify" 

An innocent man's conviction for rob¬ 
bery leads him to a life of philanthropy 
when he escapes with a fortune. 

11:35 0 MOVIE—'Man in the Dinghy' 

A comedy concerning a stowaway on a 
vacation cruise. Michael Wilding. 

12:00 0 MOVIE—"Case Of The Sin¬ 
ister Swami"— Mischa Auer. 

1:00 0 News 
1:05 0 Sports Showcase 
1:20 0 Wrestling 

Stations reserve the right to make 
last-minute changes. 


No tenderfoot: Cowpoke Gene Autry wel¬ 
comes Annie Oakley (Gail Davis) to TV. 

T V, in one fell swoop, has accom¬ 
plished something that Hollywood 
has been trying to do since the days 
of William S. Hart: inject a new 
note into Western movies. 

And it was such a simple ma¬ 
neuver. Instead of the intrepid cow¬ 
boy, TV came up with a cowgirl by 
name of Annie Oakley, which auto¬ 
matically means that instead of a 
Western hero, we have a Western 
heroine. As played by Gail Davis in 
this new telefilm series, she’s a cinch 
to be liked not only by the small fry 
but by adult adherents of the out¬ 
door drama as well. 

The idea of a cowgirl heroine may 
be new but the story ideas in the 
telefilms are not. Our gal Annie, like 


Annie Oakley 

countless cowboys before her, is up¬ 
holding law and justice in the best 
traditions of “they went that-a-way” 
drama and she does a fine job. 

The show is filmed by Gene Autry’s 
Flying A Enterprises, the same outfit 
that gives us the Gene Autry Show 
and Range Rider. Each episode is 
packed with enough action to satisfy 
even the most avid pistol-packin’ 
viewer, whether Annie and her 
“pardners” are saving a stagecoach 
line or backing up an aging sheriff 
who is a little slow on the draw. 
Since Annie is a female-type gal, 
she doesn’t get into any knockdown, 
drag-out affairs with the villains. But 
the way she handles those six-shoot¬ 
ers, she doesn’t have to use her fists. 

Miss Davis is a natural for the 
title role. Besides being a beauty, 
she’s a fair little actress and can ride 
and shoot with the best of them. The 
scripts give her little opportunity for 
romance but she has a tall, good- 
looking hombre for a partner who 
backstops her exploits neatly. He’s 
Brad Johnson, playing the role of 
Deputy Sheriff Lofty Craig—a fine 
name if we ever heard one. Jimmy 
Hawkins plays Annie’s kid brother, 
Tagg, giving the show another sure¬ 
fire lure for the younger set. 



FBI's eye: Richard Carl¬ 
son as Herbert Philbrick 
in / Led Three Lives. 

W ITH THE Communist problem 
prominent in the Nation’s head¬ 
lines, it’s a natural foi: a TV show. 
But I Led Three Lives, the telefilm 
series dedicated to the Red hunt, is 
beginning to show signs of wear. 
While there are many industries in 
this country into which Communists 
can infiltrate, Three Lives ran through 
the list and then bogged down into 
another cops-and-robbers series. 

The program is based on the ex¬ 
ploits of Herbert T. Philbrick, who 
actually led three lives—as a private 

citizen, as an undercover agent for 
the FBI and as a pseudo-Communist. 
When the show could stick to the facts 
in Philbrick’s lives, it was a good, taut 
thriller. But once the script writers 
took over, the quality went down. 

Richard Carlson is suitably grim in 
the Philbrick role. With little chance 
for humor or romance, he manages to 
inject plenty of warmth and personal 
charm into his portrayal. His support¬ 
ing players are competent and gener¬ 
ate as much realism and action as pos¬ 
sible.— R. S. 


• • 



M etropolitan to combine four 

operas for TV viewers. It’s the 
biggest dose of culture since Liberace. 


It will practically be like the Mil- 
ton Berle show—with spears. 


The program goes from Pagliacci 
to Boheme to Aida, which sounds 
more like a double play than a triple 
opera. Then they bring in the Barber 
of Seville, in case anybody wants a 
haircut after all the longhair stuff. 


For this program, the sign at the 
Met probably will read: “Four operas 
—no waiting.” 

Putting four operas together makes 
the plot a little confusing, but so did 
the composers. It’s a nice system, be¬ 
cause all the people who get killed in 
the first opera can go back to work 
in the. second opera. One guy is on 
the stage in all four operas—dead or 


He complained about coming back 
after the death scene, so they wrote 
in a birth scene. 


The show will be a treat for one 
fan. He thinks Pagliacci is what you 
pour over the ravioli. 




A nnually, for the past four 
years, the sponsor and the adver¬ 
tising agency men who produce a 
certain mystery show have huddled 
in secret conclave to elect a new pri¬ 
vate eye in a kind of Madison Avenue 
coronation game. Last August the 
boys crowned their most recent 
sleuth — the handsome, tight - lipped 
movie star, Mark Stevens. 

It was a pretty simple ceremony 
when Mark was solemnly invested as 
Martin Kane, IV. His royal robe was 
an old hand-me-down trench coat, 
worn thin by his three predecessors, 
fellows named Gargan, Nolan and 
Tracy. Only other difference was that 
Kane, IV was handed a package of 
cigarets instead of a pipe. 

On that TV prop hangs the story of 

the last Kane change. The election, 
it seems, was swung on Stevens’ pref¬ 
erence in tobacco. Had he been a pipe- 
smoker, the tobacco sponsor would 
have come up with another private 
eye, one who dragged on cigarets ex¬ 
clusively. Or, at least, that’s what the 
sponsor’s spokesmen say. As for Ste¬ 
vens, he says he wouldn’t have been 
interested in the job if he had to take 
up the briar habit- Which is real par¬ 
allel thinking between a sponsor 
who’d rather push his ciggies than his 
pipe tobacco and an actor who likes 
his nicotine wrapped in paper. 

The demise of the show’s pipe 
trademark only goes to point up what 
has happened to the old Martin Kane, 
Private Eye. Since movie idol Stevens 
appeared on the scene as Kane, IV, 


many things have undergone change. 

Before he took the role from Lee 
Tracy he demanded (1) that “Private 
Eye” be dropped from the show’s title 
in favor of “detective”; (2) that six 
writers instead of two be hired; (3) 
that the police should not be repre¬ 
sented as idiots; (4) that Kane would 
not be called “Marty” (“It’s a corny 
name, not masculine enough,” says 
Stevens); and (5) that the commercial 
bit about stopping off at a tobacco 
counter on the way to a murder be 

Mark got his way. Result: the rat¬ 
ings have gone up and even the critics 
are being nice to the more refined, 
cigaret-smoking Kane. 

Soft Eyes? 

But shades of Sam Spade and Mike 
Hammer! TV private eyes have gone 
soft. They’re big buddies with the 
cops. They rush by a shapely blonde, 
all business, like they were wearing 
blinders. They even talk like cops—no 
more such gaudy patter as “You’ll be 
picking iron out of your liver” leveled 
at a crook. Even the trench coat has 
been retired for a conventional top¬ 

coat. What about it? Martin Kane, IV, 
was asked. What happened to the cyn¬ 
ical Kane, the guy who said he’d take 
a case “if it puts enough bucks in the 
piggy bank?” 

Crooks In Cellophane 

Stevens had a ready answer. “I was 
determined that this should be an au¬ 
thentic show. We avoid phoniness. 
Call it realism if you like. Detectives 
like Kane are hard workers, pluggers 
—not master-minds and wise guys. 
Cops like Lieutenant Gray are cut 
from the same cloth. The legendary 
private eye is a myth, sometimes a 
laughable one. That business about 
the slick ‘eye’ solving the case him¬ 
self, then handing over the crooks 
wrapped in cellophane paper to the 
dim-witted police is nonsense. 

“Another fallacy is unnecessary vio¬ 
lence. If I can possibly avoid a brawl 
written into the script, I’ll ask for it 
to be eliminated. A fight for fight’s 
sake is phony. I think the viewers like 
it better that way too. And we must be 
making headway. Many of the listings 
now label the show ‘drama.’ That’s 
what we’re trying to establish. 

At home: Mark, 
his wife and 
two children. She 
was 'Miss Texas.' 

“You’ll notice,” Stevens went on, 
“Gray and Kane are very friendly and 
have a great respect for each other. 
That’s the way it is intended. The po¬ 
lice get their just desert for the part 
they play. Now, I haven’t the slightest 
idea of what Martin Kane was like 
before I came on it. I only saw it 
once. I don’t know whether I’m play¬ 
ing it differently from the other three 
or not. The only fellow I’m playing is 
Mark Stevens.” 

Mark admitted he was a little ap¬ 
prehensive about being too young 
(he’s 31) for the role in the eyes of 
the viewers, but of course that was 
exactly what the sponsor had in mind 
“because cigaret smoking is asso¬ 
ciated more with a younger man,” as 
one agency man put it. 

No Dragnet Theme 

Now that Martin Kane has moved 
more to the right in portraying a pri¬ 
vate eye—pardon, detective—there are 
other problems. Asked why the cam¬ 
era angles on Kane stressed long shots 
instead of close-ups, Mark admitted 
there was a fear of being accused of 
echoing the Dragnet technique. 

“Because our dialogue and situa¬ 
tions are so real, we steer clear of the 
extremely tight head-shots so notice- 

Buddies: Kane and Lt. Gray 
(King Colder) help each other. 

able on Webb’s show, because first 
thing you know people will start say¬ 
ing, ‘Humph, just like Dragnet / and 
that we don’t want.” 

No Mark Vs. Martin 

Stevens has yet to be haunted by 
having one of his old movies pop up 
on TV as competition for Martin Kane. 
Most aren’t eligible by the much- 
maligned TV flicker standards. He 
made 18 movies out Hollywood way 
and all but two were “A” pictures. 
Some of his best were “Snake Pit,” 
“Street With No Name,” “Dark Mir¬ 
ror.” Last winter he appeared on 
Broadway in a play called “Midsum¬ 
mer,” which was marred by some un¬ 
favorable publicity revolving around 
child-actress Jenny Hecht, daughter 
of playwright Ben Hecht. The back- 
stage squabbles, temperamental flare- 
ups and the lurid tabloid coverage of 
the alleged dissension between the 
moppet and himself soured Mark on 
the Great White Way. “I’ll never do a 
Broadway show again,” he says, 

Mark In Manhattan 

Mark lives in a Manhattan apart¬ 
ment with his wife, the former “Miss 
Texas of 1944.” Their two kids, seven- 
year-old Mark Richard and Arrelle, 
age two and a half, were sent to Cali¬ 
fornia for the winter months. Right 
now they are eagerly waiting for Pop 
to come back to make his next movie 
this summer. 

Meantime, Kane, IV is nabbing an 
average of slightly over one hood per 
week and hasn’t yet dawdled around 
a cigar stand when he should be out 
hot on the trail. Although the sponsor 
has been playing musical chairs with 
Martin Kane for four years now, 
Mark looks pretty secure at this writ¬ 
ing. That is, unless they decide to 
start pushing snuff instead of cigarets. 


Alex Steinweiss 

Artists Go To Work 
On TV—History's 
Biggest Canvas 

A RTISTS, magazine illustrators and 
, cartoonists are finally getting a 
chance to show their wares on TV. 
Studio One, the CBS dramatic pro¬ 
gram, last spring experimented with 
using an original drawing as the title 
card for each program. The idea drew 
such good response that title draw¬ 
ings, created by some of the best 
artists in the business, have become 
a regular feature of the show. 

Among the artists represented is 
Dong Kingman, whose work has won 
several prizes. He launched this sea- 


/ V 


Carol Blanchard 

Fritz Eichenberg 


Andrew Warhol 

son’s series with his impressionistic 
title card for the dramatization of 
George Orwell’s book,“1984l”Marcel 
Vertes, who won an Academy Award 
for his sets in the “Moulin Rouge” 
movie, did the title card for “Ca¬ 
mille.” Also contributing to new ar¬ 
tistic values on Studio One are such 
well-known New Yorker cartoonists 
as Charles Addams, Syd Hoff, Richard 
Taylor and William Steig. 

Other programs have adopted the 
idea, including U.S. Steel Hour and 
Philip Morris Playhouse. 

Richard Taylor 

Charles Addams 

The use of title drawings was con¬ 
ceived by Georg Olden, CBS-TV’s 
graphic arts director. Each artist who 
contributes to the series is sent a 
script of the show, and given free rein. 

Olden said the idea is basically the 
same as that governing the use of dust 
jackets for books. Each artist attempts 
to capture the mood of a story in a 
single image. “And just as the dust 
jackets attract people to buy the book, 
so we hope to attract people to stay 
tuned to Studio One once they have 
seen the title drawings,” Olden said. 

Dong Kingman 





chocolate BEER cake ??? 

M ilwaukee is known as “The 
Beer Capital of the World.” 
What more logical place, then, for the 
introduction of a Beer Cake? 

Via their neighbors of German de¬ 
scent, Milwaukeeans have learned to 
smack their lips over palate-pamper¬ 
ing foods like Sauerbraten, Kalb- 
haxen, Bratwurst, Apple Strudel and 
Koenigsberger Klops. 

Now Trudy Beilfuss, who presides 
over the Home Cooking show on 
WOKY-TV, has come up with a new 
candidate for local favor. 

The idea of blending beer and choco¬ 
late may make eyebrows jump, but 
the proof of Miss Beilfuss’ recipe is 
in the eating, not the reading. 

Local consensus: It’s wonderful. 
Footnote from the Milwaukee 
Chamber of Commerce: It tastes best 
if made with a Milwaukee beer. 

Chocolate Beer Cake 

1/3 c. butter; 1 c. sugar; 2 eggs, sepa¬ 
rated; 2 squares unsweetened chocolate 
(melted & cooled); 1 % c. sifted cake flour; 
1 t. baking powder; V* t. baking soda; Vi t. 
salt; % c. cold beer. 

Cream butter, add sugar slowly. Beat well. 
Add egg yolks one at a time, beating until 
well blended. Add chocolate. Beat until 

Mix and sift flour, baking powder, soda 
and salt three times. Add alternately with 
beer ... a little at a time. Add the 
beaten egg whites. 

Bake in oblong pan (7 x 11 x 2) at 375 
degrees 30 min. or until done. 

Baked with brew: Trudy Beilfuss blends 
beer and chocolate in delicious cake. 


SPORTS fv ~jn 



Color TV No Knockout 

W HEN NBC decided to telecast 
a fist fight in color, a special 
gray carpeting was laid in the Madi¬ 
son Square Garden ring, the fighters 
were trigged out in formal attire— 
blue trunks with a gold stripe for one, 
gold panties with blue stripe for the 
other — and the seconds got gray 
sweaters bearing their warriors’ 
names in blue lettering. 

The raiment was chosen for beauty’s 
sweet sake; the gray ring canvas was 
ordained because white reflects too 
much light. The color that interested 
everyone, though, was red. 

Chances are all who sat in on 
the show were asked the same ques¬ 
tions by those who hadn’t seen it: 
“Was there blood? How did it look?” 

Well, there was a little blood but 
it could not be seen. One of the fight¬ 
ers was cut but the viewers had to 
take Jimmy Powers’ word for that. 
There were no closeups big enough to 
show the faces in detail. 

At the outset, a pale blue wash 
leaked across the picture from the 
ring edges toward the middle. The 
blue trunks looked black, the gold 
ones orange or perhaps terra-cotta 
pink. As the bout went on and cam¬ 
era followed the fighters the shades 
changed; generally they were true 
and rather pleasantly subdued. 

One of the men watching in a pro¬ 
jection room downstairs in the Center 
Theater remarked, “The punches seem 
harder in color. More realism.” 

He may have been alone in this no¬ 
tion. What did become apparent to 
everybody was a quality of depth 

that the black - and - white picture 
doesn’t have. In color there are nu¬ 
ances, shadings and tones, which cre¬ 
ate a three-dimensional illusion. 

One thing color can’t do, though: 
it doesn’t help you follow a fight more 
closely and judge it more accurately. 
The camera angles remain unchanged. 
You’re still unsure whether this punch 
landed or missed. You can disagree 
with the officials as violently and 
condemn them as vituperatively as 
anybody with a black-and-white set. 

Consequently, the impression here 
is that commercial color will contrib¬ 
ute less to televised reproduction in 
boxing than in other sports. In base¬ 
ball, the contrast helps enormously. 
Against the green background, the 
white ball can be followed. 

Boxing, however, is going to look 
very much as always. Unless the gore 
really gushes no dear old girls are 
going to be offended. 



Sydney Smith lifts carpeting from 
convenient rack. Home has a gad¬ 
get which will raise such material 
so housewives can see it easily. 

Fa s h i o n s 

Eve Hunter shows how to handle 
dress pattern. For displaying filmy 
cloth, nearby compressed air out¬ 
lets create gentle, billowy breeze. 

Food is prepared by Poppy Can¬ 
non, one of the home-makers who 
have appeared on show, bringing 
viewers up-to-date on borne news. 

Arlene Francis interviews children (right) in one section of the $200,000 Home set. 

There’s No Place Like 

NE of the most gadget-happy sets 
ever designed for a TV show 
is now in daily use on NBC’s new 
Home show. The set, filling one of 
NBC’s largest studios, was built at a 
cost of $200,000. It was created, ac¬ 
cording to the network, to “display 
and demonstrate the products, ma¬ 
terials, processes and procedures re¬ 
lated to . . . home and home living.” 

The Home program is labeled a 
“woman’s service magazine of the 
air.” Arlene Francis is the emcee, in¬ 
terviewing visiting celebrities or in¬ 
troducing the various “editors” of the 
show’s feature segments. 

Among the set’s unusual features 
are: a “growery,” a two-foot-thick 
plot of earth used for the gardening 
segment of the show; the “tumbler,” 

a device that will lift, turn or re¬ 
volve any object weighing up to 300 
pounds, and the “elementery,” a de¬ 
vice permitting the producers to re¬ 
create the elements—it says here. 
Thus, if the script calls for models 
to display galoshes, the gadget will 
provide snow. The set was designed 
by Sol Cornberg, staff designer in 
NBC’s Staging Services department. 

The set also boasts an aerial camera 
capable of shooting down from a 
height of 20 feet; a “spiral pickup” to 
raise and turn rugs, draperies, etc.; 
a demonstration workshop for hard¬ 
ware and tools; a completely equipped 
kitchen, and an area containing TV 
sets which present out-of-town ex¬ 
perts and show what’s being tele¬ 
cast from the big, busy Home set. 


the panel or its moderator ? 

the comedian or his 
gag-writer ? 

the movies or Mae Bush ? 

We profess to have no more inside 
information on these than the nearest 
chicken farmer. But each week, TV GUIDE 
does solve a multitude of TV mysteries .. 
revealing what’s on ... who’s on ... and 
when it’s on. 

For substantial savings and greater conven 
ience... subscribe to TV GUIDE and 
discover how a look at TV GUIDE will 
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Use the handy order form inside. 


which came first? 

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